Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spam: The Movie

Finally, the movie that’s on everyone’s summer Hot List — Spam-O-Rama. After one month of intensive editing, our media department is ready to release the Hawaii-style food adventure. Slated to show at Sundance and Caan, we’re giving our loyal customers a sneak preview. And as an added treat, we’ve pestered Miko, innovator of the featured fried musubi, into sharing her recipe for a new classic. In her own words, here it is.

Skewer fried Spam onto stick (we used bamboo chopsticks)
Use a sushi bamboo roller and roll it with rice and nori on the outside (make sure the whole thing is secure! It will be kinda heavy)
Heat up oil in a pan (we used canola oil)
Dip your Spam-roll-on-a-stick into tempura batter (ration: 1 egg + 1 cup soda water + 1 cup flour), then into panko breadcrumbs
Put into hot oil and cook until the batter is golden

Oh! Stay so ono! A big thank you to all who joined in the fun. Until next can-o-Spam — aloha!