Monday, October 20, 2014

Momo ❤ Local: Sarsen and 8telier

Momo would like to introduce you to two of our newest local designers: Sarsen and 8telier. Both are not only nascent at Momo, but also as their own brands of professional clothing design. We’re really excited to be one of the first (of many, no doubt!) boutiques to have their clothing grace our racks, and to be supporting local talent.

The creative mind behind Sarsen is Heather Blanchard. A visual merchandiser for Anthropologie, she has a keen eye for harmonious balance and attention to detail. Her takes on outerwear are both functional (think dense wool blends, cozy plush cottons) and feminine, with details like pointed cuffs and romantic oversized hoods. Heather was featured in the Bellevue Collection’s Independent Runway Show in 2013 – we’ll undoubtedly see her work on the runway again.

A visit from Sarsen's Heather Blanchard.
Sarsen’s “Rider” coat. Little Red Riding Hood for grownups.

Husband and wife duo Jean and Craig are the masterminds behind 8telier. Their tagline is “Elevated Essentials” and it’s obvious how their clothing reflects this philosophy. Many of their pieces can be worn multiple ways for entirely different looks. Convertible clothing: perfect for the practical-minded Seattleite. You'll find a capsule collection of our favorite styles here at Momo. If you’re craving a peek at their full collection, check out their brand new (opening today!) store on the first floor of Pacific Place. Congratulations!

Craig + Jean = 8telier

8telier’s “Anouk” jacket worn two ways for two distinct looks.

Make a trip to the ID for a delicious meal, then pop by Momo to check out some terrific newcomers to the Seattle fashion world. We promise you’ll be as delighted as we are!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bruce Lee: Boxers or Briefs?

While we at Momo aren’t entirely certain what underpants the iconic Bruce Lee wore, we are certain that he would have chosen MyPakage boxer briefs.

MyPakage is a Vancouver, BC company that is dedicated to creating “the best underwear you’ve ever owned.” Momo has stocked up on their ‘Weekday’ boxer briefs, which feature a 1" no-roll band, a seamless no-rub tag and hand-stitched expandable seams in key regions. They are made from a 95% modal (a recycled plant fiber textile that is 50% more absorbent than cotton) and 5% lycra blend for stretch and comfort.

Soft! Ergonomic! Stylish!
Available in Grey/Purple or Black/Orange. MyPakage is so convinced that you will love their undergarments that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

And speaking of Bruce, while you won’t find intimate details about his tighty whiteys, there are loads of other factoids to discover about the tremendously influential Pacific Asian American. Happily, the Wing Luke Asian Museum’s brand new exhibition is all about Mr. Bruce Lee, actor and martial arts expert who once resided in Seattle. One of only two such exhibitions in the world, there are never-before-seen personal effects, interactive multi-media displays, original press kit materials for his films and a plethora of other fascinating pieces.

Bruce must be wearing comfortable MyPakage briefs in this photo.
So, Momo gentlemen, grab a pair of our MyPakage boxer briefs and explore the new Bruce Lee exhibit in supreme comfort!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Winterize Your Wardrobe

With the seemingly sudden arrival of fall (wasn't it 80 degrees last week?) Mother Nature has informed us that months of chill and rain are ahead of us. 

The good news is that we at Momo have been working hard, unpacking delivery after delivery of fall and winter clothing ... including jackets galore!

For those especially wet days, we have:

Men – the “Rudy Full” jacket made by Bench, headquartered in Manchester, England. A perfect outer layer, it features extreme water-resistance (even down to having sealed seams).

“Rudy Full” is ultra water-resistant.

Sealed Seams! They thought of everything.

Women – Vancouver, BC’s Three Stones’ “Getaway” jacket does double-duty. Constructed of water-shedding high-tech fabric, it’s designed with a hood and cinched back belt, so it will repel the drizzle while looking shapely.

A rain jacket with femininity!

The adjustable cinch in the back is a great detail.

If feeling warm and cozy is more your focus,
check out:

Men – Our Bridge & Burn “Harden” jacket is constructed of thickly quilted, densely woven cotton. The Portland brand is known for modernizing classic designs like this one with its slim-fit tailoring. Available in black and khaki. 

Thick + quilted + zips up to the neck = toasty.

Women –  Curator’s “Seaclif” jacket from San Francisco is a revelation. Incredibly plush, it feels like a cozy sweatshirt while looking like a million bucks. We love the giant zipped cowl.

“Seaclif:” all the comforts of a sweatshirt with none of the dumpiness. 

Staying warm and dry does not mean you have to sacrifice style! Come to Momo where we’ll show you how good you can look while feeling comfortable in the coming months.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Momo Man : Fall Fashion

Greetings Gentlemen (and lovely ladies who might be assisting with a gentleman’s wardrobe)! Momo is freshly stocked with an assortment of suave shirts sure to spruce up your autumn/winter season. 

From Pendleton’s Thomas Kay collection, the “Grant” shirt. Made with 100% pure virgin Umatilla wool in a micro glen plaid, this is a quintessential PNW classic with an updated tailored fit.

Pendleton is a Northwest classic.

Momo is well-stocked with New York's WRK “Northmill” hoodie in a heathered grey. Soft and lightweight, it’s a perfect middle layer for the upcoming chilly days. Shown beneath the hoodie is the jersey version of the famous Saint James sailor shirt. Thinner than the woven version, this is a great way to layer Saint James without feeling bulky.

Soft and cozy WRK hoodie + jersey Saint James.

Report is a Montreal-based clothing company known for their European styling and wide-ranging fit. Shown is the “Mono Tone” shirt in a handsome black and charcoal print. We also have gingham in maroon or indigo and a terrific white/grey/navy plaid. 

We are loving this elegant color and print. 

Portland‘s Bridge & Burn is a terrific option for the tall and slender Momo man. Slim-fitting with an extended arm length, we love the rich weave of the “Depoe” shirt. 

Perfect for that tall drink of water. 
Stock up before it’s time to bundle up! Mister Momo has put together a wide-ranging and handsome collection for you. We’re certain you’ll find something to suit your taste.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nihonmachi Nite : 2014

This Saturday, September 20th from 4:00 - 8:00 pm, Japantown will be throwing a party: the annual Japanese-style street festival Nihonmachi Nite! The festivities, mostly centered at South Main between 5th and 6th Avenue South in the ID, will provide a diverse array of cool and cultural things to see, do and eat.

See and Do:
  • learn origami from the Origami Wizard
  • enter your wee one in the kimono and yukata costume contest
  • watch the Shi Shi Mai (Japanese Lion Dance)
  • ramen eating contest (yum!)
  • sidewalk sales
Explore the Food:
  • food trucks galore
  • Japanese street-food snacks from Fort St. George, Maekawa, Fu Lin and others. Perfect to go with:
  • Japanese sake and beer at the Beer Garden in our Jackson Building Chiyo’s Garden

While you’re here, check out our Momo Girl New Arrivals:
Inbound from Barcelona - SkunkFunk
Pulling in from Paris - Cop-copine
Coming from Copenhagen - Just Female
And just arrived from Georgetown - Prairie Underground

For the Gents we’ve got lots of new shirts from New York’s W.R.K, Portland’s Bridge & Burn, L.A.’s 7 Diamonds and all the way from Montreal — Report Collection. Daily departures from 11 - 6 here at the shop. Don't miss the Momo train! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Boy Meets Girl

Fresh for fall: Wolf & Man and Just Female.

Ladies first! Brand new to Momo (and to the entire U.S., in fact) is clothing from Just Female. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and well known throughout Scandinavia, their designs prominently feature clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Perfect transitional pieces for the encroaching cooler season, we think you’ll find yourselves coming back to Just Female again and again.

The “Evelyn” skirt and blouse are a heavily textured salt-and-pepper fabric that can be worn together to create the illusion of a body-skimming dress.

We are completely entranced by the saturated sea-blue color of this long knitted cardigan. Oversized with an elegant drape, this wool/mohair/blend might become your new favorite sweater.

The “Shield” moto jacket is both edgy and feminine. Supple black leather is paired with a snap-adjustable high waist to create an updated classic. Wear it over a tee and jeans or dress it up with a slim-fitting dress and boots.
From the men’s side of Momo there’s a fresh batch of one of our favorite menswear designers, Wolf & Man.  Los Angeles-based designer Brian Chan (with the assistance of his two younger brothers) crafts tailored clothing that is youthful without being trendy.

Back by popular demand is the “Blaze” vest. Perfectly mid-weight, it’s idea for doing double-duty: outer layer during milder fall days, middle layer during the cold winter months.
The “Blaze” vest is shown layered over the “Dennis” – a double gauze shirt in a blue and grey plaid. This particular fabric is known for it's excellent breathability and softness.

Another button-up Wolf and Man shirt is the “Le Blanc.” Ultra-soft brushed cotton with a micro-floral print, it’s a fun way to add a subtly playful shirt to your wardrobe.

Last but not least of the Wolf and Man collection is the “Korvis” jacket. Lightweight washed cotton in a versatile cadet blue, it’s casually chic and practical. 

Male or (Just) Female, (Wolf &) Man or Woman, our incoming fall togs have got you covered! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Layers for Life

It’s getting to be that ‘what to wear today?’ time again, when warm days are sandwiched between cool mornings and evenings. The answer — Vigorella. Yes, strange name, but we only pick ’em for what they do and that is layer like nobody’s business. 

Momo is one of the only boutiques in the US that carries Vigorella, an Australian brand — MADE IN AUSTRALIA. “Layers For Life” is their catchphrase and indeed, it’s perfect for this transitional season. With low-to-no maintenance, it’s ideal for travel. Versatile, fluid, soft, comfortable and über-stretchy, one-size fits both the figure and lifestyle of most. 

Come try on a garment ... or two ... or three ... and feel for yourself. We think you’ll love it as much as we do (and you won’t even mind the name)!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Put it in Writing

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” Anaïs Nin

And for a place to save your thoughts, new to Momo are ‘Scandinasian’ journals from PIE Stationery of Japan.

The focus is on modern design based on Japanese tradition. Graphic illustrator Yurio Seki’s playful journals interpret Swedish style through a Japanese lens while Sou Sou’s iconic random pattern is the Kyoto kimono company’s take on western culture. Both reflect a dedication to quality, with saddle-stitched bindings, textured covers and thick cream-colored pages.

Scandinavian-inspired Japanese journals.

Saddle-stitched spines!
Pair your East-Meets-West journal with a wonderful, whimsical floaty pen! Floating Action Pens have been around since the late 1940’s – made then as now by the same small company in Sweden (the number of employees is “about twenty”). Our floaty pens feature a solemn bunny being conjured out of its hat ... sure to bring a smile to your lips as you pen your musings. 

Floating bunnies ...

If you don’t find much occasion to put pen to paper, a journal/pen combo would make a sweet and thoughtful gift for the contemplative writer in your life. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

An Accidental Exhibitor

For nearly seven years, we’ve curated an eclectic collection of clothing, accessories and other finds, including omiyage, the perfectly presented gift. But never did we aspire to be an art space. Yet lucky us, we’ve become an accidental exhibitor, thanks to the largess of a few local artists. Please visit and enjoy!

‘Japan’ by Roger Shimomura, 2012
Last Friday, we were floored and flattered when Greg Kucera and assistant Guy, walked over Roger Shimomura’s kawaii — and impressively large painting, ‘Japan’. How did we come to be so endowed? One day Roger strolled into Momo and noticed our Hello Kitty affinity, then suggested that he loan us his painting (it can be yours for $25,000). Look carefully and you’ll see Roger himself in the midst of the fun.

The work of Bryan Yeck
We’re also fortunate to display the art of Bryan Yeck, proprietor of Zeitgeist Coffee. Bryan, who helped design/build Momo thought one of his paintings would hang nicely at Momo. He was so right. And Bryan’s received more than a few inquiries but so far, hasn’t bitten — thank goodness.

Fowl play from Shelli Markee
The third artist to grace our shop is Shelli Markee, silversmithy, hair and makeup artist, and mother of two boys. Long before her birds landed, we sold her hand-hammered jewelry, so when she offered to install her flock, we said of course! Her wire sculptures are lighter than air — each fastened with a single brad. Admirers have taken home a bird of their own for $120 a pop.

Before opening Momo, Lala has always believed that form must have function. And after experiencing the uplifting energy that art lends to our atmosphere, she now appreciates that inspiration, in itself, is a worthy purpose. Thank you, Roger, Bryan and Shelli, for making Momo truly a happy • lucky • life.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Best from the West

Did you know that Momo sleuths the world over for treasures that are as unique and interesting as you? Sometimes we go shopping with a specific idea in mind. Sometimes we are approached by a designer whose work we fall in love with. Sometimes we fall down the rabbit hole that is the internet. However we discover new things, we are always excited to share them with you.

Today we present jewelry from the west: Western Europe and the West Coast of America.

From Stuttgart, Germany — reproduction Bakelite bangles. Made with similar weight and feel, plus impeccable attention to detail, these re-creations are fun and affordable (think less than a quarter the price of vintage Bakelite)! Carved, molded or cut-out, the 1940’s styling is forever classic. Imagine an armful in candy-colored, Art Deco shades ... what fun to stack them and hear them clank!

Retro cool Bakelite-inspired bangles.
Intersperse your stacked bangles with spacers. 
Another designer brand new to Momo is Portland-based Chapter. A stark contrast to the chunky retro bangles from Germany, Chapter’s jewelry is dainty and austere, with a strong focus on simple geometric shapes. Our collection of  earrings and necklaces is both elegant and versatile. These are pieces you can pair with any outfit, casual or dressy, day or night.

Symmetry and Geometry.

The daintiest pendants! 
Come in and check out these new adornments — we’ll show you how to layer them up. And from West to West, we’ll keep searching the globe for finds to bring home to Momo. Thanks for reading!