Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Refueling the Soul

The blog will be back after a much needed caffé break. Ciao for now!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Salute to a Stylish Season

Sip and Shopportunity
Thursday, October 13 from 5:00 - 7:00
Momo @ 600 South Jackson Street
We love the clothing of fall — soft sweaters, fuzzy fleece and cozy coats — in Seattle’s favorite autumnal hues of black and light black. So, to celebrate, we’re popping Proseco and proclaiming it happy hour. Check out yummy cashmere blends from Krimson Klover, jackets from Three Stones, French Terry hoodies from ONS and rain-shedding Bench outerwear. Plus, get ahead of the game with holiday gifts. It’s a casual evening — drop by and say hello, we miss you!

PS: Afterward, stop into Kaname next door and say cheers
to Murray Stenson, Seattle’s Super Star Bartender.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Baby Bibs, Bowls + Beads

From the creator of our baby kimono comes a delightful new feeding-time accoutrement: the bib! Momo is delighted to introduce this sweet offering from local designer Plastic Pony. Made from kawaii Japanese cotton, it’s designed to stay put with an adjustable snap closure, so little Hector can’t yank it off during dinner.

Buddha was kind enough to model a bib for us.
We love the charming Japanese fabrics of our new bibs!

Speaking of meal time, look what just touched down for the table — adore-a-bowls.  The perfect size for rice (of course), morning cereal or evening ice cream. Adult supervision is advised if using these for baby as they are breakable!

Petite “Scandinasian” bowls.
Wee spoons by local glass artist Elles Beads. 
Every good bowl deserves a spoon ... Bon Appetit!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Oh Canada!

Recent political tensions have many of us musing about crossing the border. At Momo, we’re one step ahead as we’ve made our way to Canada to seek style that Seattle has yet to experience. For Fall 2016, we are proud to present small batch clothing from our northern neighbors of Montreal.

What’s interesting about many of the garments from the City of Saints is the blend of Parisian influence with North American sensibility. To start, Body Bag from French-Canadian clothier, Jude Desjardins. Yes, odd name, and everything we love in quality clothing: unique design, delicious fabric, well-made construction, lasting and versatile style. And in the dresses — pockets!

Our second delightful capsule collection comes from emerging designer, Marigold by Marilyne Baril. This is her first season selling to shops, and we are so happy to have her fresh shapes and graphic patterns in our boutique. It reminds us of early Cop-copine.

Dots nice!
We know what you’re thinking ... “What? White for fall?” We say, goes with black! Just throw a big chunky sweater over it, pull on your knee boots and you’re on your way.

So, this is just a taste of what’s new for autumn. Come give us a visit and find out what else we’ve got in store for you. We’d love to see you!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Shirts You’ll Love, Far Beyond Fall

Today’s busy man wants go-to pieces in his closet that he can rely on to look good, wear well and convey style. Our goal at Momo is to find distinctive brands for men with the right combination of quality, craft and price. Two of our favorites are & Sons Garment Co. from Toronto and Bruun & Stengade of Copenhagen.

& Sons may become your favorite shirt maker. Why? By focusing only on crafting men’s shirts, & Sons produces a well-made garment with a casual elegance that you will want to wear every day. The quality starts with fabrics produced in small batches. The contemporary designs are anchored in a knowledge of classic tailoring, and executed with exact attention to detail.

Substantial fabrics

Subtle patterns

Easygoing style

Bruun & Stengade, a line from Copenhagen, offers shirts with continental style in both modern and slim fits. Long gone are the days when the starched white shirt was de rigueur business attire. Bruun & Stengade’s unique textures and sophisticated color palate looks sharp from the corridors of business to the weekend dinner party. These shirts pair well with jeans to blazers, offering smart versatility to any man’s wardrobe.

The sophisticated Danish micro design
We invite you to visit Momo and have a look at what's new for Fall.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Good Fortune is in Your Future

The Momo Good Fortune Sale-on-a-sale is here — our racks are full of wear-now or enjoy-later clothing and accessories, ripe for the plucking. So, how does it work?

• Peruse our sale items and make your selection from brands like Skunkfunk, Cop-copine, Prairie Underground, Diarte, Three Stones and more
• Spot the jar on the counter and carefully choose your cookie
• Open it up and beware — there are two pieces of paper, don’t eat your discount!
• Enjoy 10-30% off your already reduced merchandise

Sale goes until the last cookie crumbles, shop early for primo picks.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hawaiian Butter Mmmmochi!

Butter mochi. If you are familiar with this hugely popular Hawaiian favorite, you know that it’s essentially a baked custard that tastes like cubes of heaven. Not familiar? Get ready for a toothsome treat. Pleasingly sweet, the slightly caramelized crust is contrasted by a smooth, rich and chewy inside — all the characteristics you crave in a decadent indulgence ... a gluten-free indulgence!

Momo now makes it easy to experience this island delight with Hawaii’s Best Butter Mochi Mix. Just add water, eggs and butter, put it in the oven and presto! Luscious no-fail dessert, perfect to take along to the season’s potluck gatherings. The most difficult part is deciding whether or not you want to share.

We stock the classic flavor as well as a brownie-inspired mix for the chocoholics in your life. Either way, you’ll say, “Stay so ono!”

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Delightful Tribal Delightful

People often ask me if I make anything — everything (!) — at Momo, to which I’ve answered, “No, I’m not talented!” But lately, I’ve been rethinking my reply to be “Yes! I make friends.”

One of my favorite aspects of owning Momo is connecting with the special folk who create things for our little shop. Recently we’ve enjoyed the pleasure of visiting one such crazy talented individual in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Mr. Momo’s hometown, too): Chris Chookiatsirichai of Tribal Delightful.

She welcomed us into her Lyndale neighborhood studio/house where she lives with her partner and her loving pup, Loki for a private show of her pieces. Chris’ jewelry is as beguiling as her hapa mix of Thai Chinese, Japanese, Czech, German, Russian and Swiss. As we peruse the table, she shares stories of how each element speaks to her of what it will become. Rustic, yet refined, her adornments are painstakingly hand-worked from resources gathered from around the globe.

Antique tribal belt segments hand-tied into a lovely bracelet.
I posed the question of ‘What and Where?’ Her answer was as meticulous as her work: “Antique trade glass beads (originally Czech or Venetian in origin and then traded throughout parts of Africa), semi-precious stones (from Afghan, India, North and South America, China), vintage glass (Czech and German, some Japanese), ‘organics’ (shell, wood, bone), and a mix of ethnic metals (Hilltribe Thai silver, Afghan vintage silver jewelry parts, handmade brass and copper — many pieces from Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, and Ivory Coast).” Whew!

Antique Japanese and Czech glass beads,
antique Nigerian brass - SOLD!
A bejeweled Cara.
Yellow hematoid quartz, antique Nigerian brass. 
Like snowflakes, each Tribal Delightful piece is unique, much like the people who appreciate it. We are so fortunate to have Chris’ creations in our Momo mix and we invite you to come discover why we find her jewelry so delightful. 

Leather-wrapped bracelets.

Proud Tom and his new bangle.

Good dog, Loki!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Peaceful Pride

If you’re participating in Pride this weekend, we wish you a joyous and uplifting celebration of the differences in the world. Enjoy, and share the love. xoxoxo Momo

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Glad for Dad

Dad, Pops, Old Man, Big Daddy ... Sir — no matter what you call your father, call your father! It’s Dad’s Day, Sunday, June 19. And to show him that you appreciate everything he does, give him a little love from Momo.

For the Dandy Dada, Lorenzo Uomo socks from Italy and hats from family-owned and run, New York Hat and Cap Company.

Since he’s partially responsible for your good looks, make him look good, too, with a passel of products from Billy Jealousy. Pappy will love the smooth shave, pleasant citrus aftershave, hydrating moisturizer and his beaming new countenance. And we’ve recently added shampoo and gel to the line up, so he’s well-coiffed, as well. 

And we’ve no shortage of shirts, long-sleeves and short. Give Baba the comfort of natural fabrics like cotton and linen, so cool for our warming Northwest weather.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and a big Mahalo for being Momo men.