Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Love & Luck in the Year of the Rat

Look Out 2020:
Here Comes the Lucky Rat!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Saturday, January 25th welcomes the Lunar New Year of the Metal Rat. Quick witted, energetic and agile, the rodent scampers in, ready for action. Among the most auspicious of Chinese horoscope signs, this optimistic survivor is well equipped for turning dreams into reality, observing its surroundings and strategizing accordingly. Under the rat’s watch, financial opportunity abounds, so take advantage and stash cash for the future. The element of metal adds an edge to ambitions — we cut ties with the past with little regrets. 

Intelligent and sociable, the gregarious rat loves its pack, so expect to hang out with family and friends. Still, remember to look out for yourself and take a break from the rat race to rejuvenate body and soul. Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at Momo,

xo Rat on!

🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 

Looking for diverse diversion? 
Come to the ’hood and regale the rat!

Saturday, January 25: The Wing Luke Museum kicks off the celebration with a dragon dance, children's activities and lunar new year lore. See their website for more details. 

Saturday, February 8: Chinatown/International District explodes with sights and sounds in Seattle's biggest party for the rat. More details at our neighborhood website.

🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 🐁 

Big Love

Many thanks to Toni Yuly for generously sharing her torn tissue Rat Love art with Momo. A local author, illustrator and former librarian, Toni has been a friend and avid supporter of Momo for over a decade. Check out her lovable books and more examples of her work at We love you, Toni!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cuddle Huddle

Shout “Go Hawks!” from the sofa as you show your team spirit in the comfort of cozy room socks. At Momo we’ve got the gear for the armchair athlete with our limited supply of his-n-her’s Japanese socks in Seahawks blue and green (or Sounders, depending on your game 😉). Pop in soon to join the cuddle. 

Wear your colors!

And if you’re craving something EXTRA plush and toasty to pad around in during the snowy days ahead, we still have a handful of these great cuffed room socks! With freezing temperatures in the forecast, you can never keep your toes too snug. Grips assure firm footing while being easy on hardwood floors.

Homey New Year to you! Enjoy the snow.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Aloha, Tuesday!

Poor Tuesday. It’s the middle child of weekdays. Everyone appreciates the fresh start of Monday, and Wednesday is Humpday — halfway there! We can see the weekend from Thursday; then it’s Hello Friday! (And don’t even mention the most popular pair, Saturday and Sunday.)

But there are more than a few reasons to love the most trivialized day of the week. Tuesday is:
1.     The safest day to drive.
2.     The most productive day of the week.
3.     The best day to land a job.
4.     The smartest day to schedule a meeting.
5.     The most popular day to exercise.
6.     The lowest day for airfares. 
7.     The best night to get a good sleep.

We’ve also decided that Tuesday is the ideal day for Momo to take a long-awaited rest. Since everyone’s busy getting things done instead of going shopping, it makes sense that after nearly a decade of being open seven days a week, we will be closed every Tuesday.

But not to worry, we’ll still be here for you, Monday, Wednesday through Saturday, 11 – 6 and Sunday, 12 – 5. And on Tuesday, we’ll see you at the gym!

Happy New Year,

xo Momo

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Join in Japantown Jingle! December 18 - 24

The Kurisumasu Kountdown is here, so jump to it with Japantown Jingle! Our little corner of the International District has everything to make the 11th Hour fun, festive and most important, stress-free.

You’ll find unique boutiques to tie up your gift giving, sips and sustenance for a welcome respite, and galleries and grooming to refresh the body and soul. Ask about specials and discounts at participating businesses, like Momo is offering complimentary wrapping, and Kaname holds a kick-butt happy hour. 

To make the season even brighter, at Momo, we’re handing out a Kidrobot Happy Holiday Labbit with every purchase of $50 or more. These cute critters are a shop favorite, and make a hilarious stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift. Kawaii, neh!

Check out our historic neighborhood and add a little Asian persuasion to your holidays. Shop, Eat, Meet, & Mingle in Seattle’s best one-stop block — JAPANTOWN! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Popping up this Sunday! Zuri x kimber elements

Zuri ...

... meet kimber elements!

Momo is excited to host a pop-up for the universally loved, versatile-as-heck Zuri. Paloma from headquarters will be here with their latest and greatest. Plus, joining us will be local kimber elements, unveiling a limited edition collection of adornments perfect to partner with Zuri. 

Zuri x kimber elements Pop-up!
Sunday, December 8
3:00 - 6:00 at Momo
Sunday street parking is free

Each Zuri dress is made from a limited run of colorful and playful patterns. Printed on Dutch wax fabric, they are durable, wrinkle-resistant and machine washable. Flattering on every body type, they can be worn three ways: as a dress, an open jacket, or as a skirt! Plus ... you guessed it — they have pockets. You can see why their motto is “Just One Dress.”

Sustainably and ethically made in Kenya by a collective whose focus is on women's empowerment, you can feel good  when you treat yourself to a dress (or three). Learn more about this global brand at

Founders Sandra Zhao and Ashleigh Gersh Miller

Sublimely versatile, Zuri is travel worthy, too. Pop it over a slip dress or a top and pants and wear it open as a light jacket.

To wear it as a skirt, unbutton the top buttons, shimmy the dress down to your waist, fold the collar to the inside, tie the sleeves into a big ‘bow.’ Ta-da!

To belt or not to belt? That is your prerogative. 

Everyone loves Zuri! Local luminary Claudia Castro Luna,
Washington’s Poet Laureate, wears hers over a tailored shirt. 

More on kimber elements ... the jewelry is designed and produced in partnership with 25 Maasai women artisans who are members of the Oldoinyo Oibor Amboseli Women’s Group in Kimana Village, located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Traditionally worn by Maasai women and men, these pieces are a symbol of their culture and traditions. 

Your purchase empowers this women’s group to promote their craft, and give voice and visibility to the artisans. The women collectively decided that the proceeds from this project will finance their purchase of beehives to make honey as another source of income. Honey money! Learn more about kimber elements at


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

We Be Thankful for YOU!

We’re feeling nostalgic. 

Remember the first time you walked into Momo and we said hello? You were in the neighborhood for family dinner at Maneki, or meeting friends at the Panama, or maybe you just happened to stroll by and we caught your eye. Whatever compelled you to enter our doors, we’re still thankful after all these years.

Mahalo for being a blessing to Momo. Here’s to the start of a season of gifts and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the peace of the day (and that piece of the pie)!

xo Momo
ps: Click on ❤️ for my ’70s soundtrack

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Cozy Sole Mates

Back in stock just in time for chilling: our unbelievably popular Hamaguri “Room Socks,” designed and crafted in Japan.

Leave it to the Japanese to create the perfect hybrid between a sock and a slipper — extra cushiony for maximum coziness. Why not change into a pair of Hamaguri when you come home? Not only do they cuddle the feet, they help you leave the outdoors outside, and protect the floors from scuffing. Plus, tiny grips on the bottom ensure that no matter how groggy you are in the morning, you’ll be safe from slipping while shuffling to make your first mug of coffee.

Grippy nubbins.

Each pair is sewn individually on specially designed machines, then carefully hand-embroidered with a contrasting triangle pattern around the ankle. Hamaguri translates to ‘clam’ in Japanese, a subtle reference to the stitched finish, said to resemble the mollusk’s shell. With proper care (gentle machine wash, lay flat to dry) a pair will last through many hours of relaxing wear.

Hand-embroidered "clams" add a nice touch. 

Momo offers more than a few choices. First, there’s the classic room sock that comes in a rainbow of colors for women, as well as navy, cobalt and charcoal for men. Second, we have two more women’s styles in luxuriously soft blends in an array of subtle shades. Thirdly, for the animal aficionado, we’ve got a selection of kawaii animal motifs. Plus, there’s more in store, we’ll share when you get here.

The Classic room sock. This is just a sampling of the colors available.

Little cuties!

Super comfortable, easy-to-fit, highly likely to please, and gentle on the wallet, room socks make terrific gifts for everyone on your list. They’ll think you're a sock star for giving their feet a cozy treat.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Momo Style: A Baker’s Dozen

For our dozenth birthday, we’re offering 12% off all women’s clothing this Friday and Saturday, November 8 and 9. Here’s a quick peek at 12 of our picks, plus one for good luck. We’ll also have a selection of men’s shirts, you’ll have to drop by to check those out!

PS: Okay, we made room for Tom’s man shirts! And there’s more in store!

Monday, October 21, 2019

No-Sweat Sweaters

’Tis the season! Fall is definitely upon us and it’s time to play the layering game. Here are a few of our favorite picks that make sweater style easy. 

The first, from Matinique. Founded in 1973 in Copenhagen, Matinique has been a go-to for comfortable and high-quality men’s clothing for over 40 years. Made from a hefty cotton (perfect for the guys who don’t get along with wool!), “Benny” features interesting details like a collar and a contrasting woven pocket. Zip it up over a turtleneck or tee and you’re chic in seconds. 


Another definite classic-to-count-on is our cotton crew neck Bruun & Stengade (also from Copenhagen!). Pop this one on over a button-down and under a jacket and you’re ready for the office or a night out. 

And of course, no sweater season would be complete without our perennial fave, the Raffi quarter-zip made of the softest merino wool. We have it in a rich Navy or as shown here, Iron Grey. No layering required with this one, but if you insist, it goes great over a mock turtle. This one makes a welcome holiday gift for nearly any man on your list. 

Can you tell we’re digging Scandinavian sweaters? A brand we’re loving for the ladies is Maska, a wee company from Sweden (owned by Maria, she’s super nice!). Their pieces are especially global: merino wool from Australian lambs is sent to spinners in Scotland. From there, the yarn is shipped to Sweden, where it is knit into incredibly warm and beautiful sweaters like the “Helga,” shown here in Teal and Black. And here is something we can never say enough: it has pockets!!!

Momo Mama personally likes hanging with “Helga,” wearing her over a turtleneck and paired with a short skirt and sweater tights, or slim pants. The thick, ribbed sweater can even sub for a jacket, she’s that cozy. And did we mention Pockets???

An elevated basic in black.

Our Maska “Nell” oversized pullover is a deliciously soft blend of lambswool and cashmere, so reassuring with a comfy cowl neck. We have this in creamy taupe and brick red. Wear her over anything and you’re ready to take on winter.

The shade of a perfect latte. 

The super simple and versatile “Mia” is a 90:10 blend of ultrafine wool and cashmere for maximum warmth with minimal bulk. Definitely an indoor weight, she can go over jeans, a sleek skirt, under a jacket and anywhere. “Mia” is all about the color — that perfect pine green, so sought after this season. 

And oui!, we love the French brand Cop-copine which always brings something fun and slightly quirky to the table. Three variations on a theme can be found at Momo: the fabulous sweater dress and color inversion sweaters, all featuring stripes! We love this one layered over leggings, and the shorter styles with high-waisted pants or the coordinating long skirt (ask us about that one).

She’s got sheer legs, so French. 

A pocket!!!

Winter white.

And did you know that cool colors are hot this fall? Glacier blue but warm as toast, the Cop-copine wool “Tuban” sweater features romantic curves. This is Momo Girl Kaitlin’s favorite, she’d wear it with wide pants. With the hi-lo hem, it would also be cute over a woven collared shirt for that borrowed-from-the-boys look. 

Whatever way you style yourself, we do our best to supply you with a fabulous sweater selection. It’s what we love about our Seattle seasons, popping on the layers and peeling them off!