Thursday, May 17, 2018

From Japan, with Love

Say “kon'nichiwa!” to the latest addition to our ‘Found only at Momo’ family: Cream Company Kyoto. As we speak, Momo is the only place outside of Japan where you can buy these lovely leather goods. Hand made by generations of artisans in Kyoto, the family is dedicated to superior quality, substantial leathers and a signature color palette.

You may have seen the pouches at Momo before. Originally, Momo Mama discovered them at a design shop in Kyoto and purchased one personally. She loved it so much, she conspired with a friend in Japan to bring them to Seattle. But, as things go, that didn’t last, so she devised another plan of importing the cheery leather goods to the US.

Seven years later: the wallet that started it all.
After hours of sleuthing and sussing, rounds of emails with an interpreter, and the conveyance of planes, trains and automobiles, we present to you our third (and hopefully not last) capsule collection. All three pieces — snap pouch/wallet, crossbody bag and roomy tote — boast saturated hues in simple, elegant shapes.

Snap pouches are great for organizing the inside of your purse!
The perfect size: 4.5" x 6.5"

We only have three of these fabulous totes with a large zippered interior pocket
and two open pockets that are perfect for slipping a cell phone into.

We are loving this crossbody bag!
Just toss in your essentials and head out for the day. 

Although it was a challenging adventure to get these beauties to Seattle, it was worth it! We think they’re very special and we’re pretty sure that you will, too.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Linen Love

Now that we’ve had enough sunny warm days, we can realistically claim it’s linen season! It’s easy to love this fabulous fabric, be it for man, woman, or home. So, just in time for May’s warm-wave, here’s a sample Momo man-centric linen shirts.

Toronto based & Sons is dedicated to well-cut shirts from fine fabrics.

Their modern fit linen shirts look great whether worn
casually with khakis or shorts, or under a blazer.

Our Raffi shirt offers a bit more traditional fit in a lighter weight linen
colored in great summer hues. Think pink — in wine and linen!

The Northwest’s own National Standards offers a couple of linen options for our very unpredictable Spring/Summer weather.
Their substantial long-sleeve linen in a rich midnight
is perfect for those cool NW summer evenings.

When summer does finally heat up, Japanese ‘Shiba Linen,’
 a linen/ramie blend, combines an elegant textile with cool comfort.

At Momo, we believe that a great linen shirt makes you feel like a relaxing summer is at hand. Ahhhhhh ... bring it on.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hooray, Hooray, it’s Children’s Day!

Happy Kodomo no Hi!

Hug a kid today, or someone who acts like one — it’s Children’s Day in Japan. And come to the Japanese Cultural Center on Sunday, May 6 to celebrate, Seattle style. For more information, visit their website:

Happy sunny day!
xo Momo

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Party with a Purpose!

You’re Invited to Our Momo Girl x DFSS Empower Hour
Wednesday, April 25 from 5:00 - 7:30 pm
Momo in Japantown • 600 S Jackson Street
Sips & Snacks
RSVP or 206.329.4736

One week until the Momo and Dress for Success Seattle (DFSS) Spring Empower Hour. Get happy while you meet Liisa Spink, Director of DFSS, supporting working women in need for over 22 years. Shop and Momo will donate 10% of your evening’s purchase over $25 (pre-tax) to this worthy cause. And we’re delighted to welcome back Zaara Nekoyama — the Temptress of Tarot will offer 3-card readings for $10 a pop, bonus!

How can you help DFSS?
1. Donate career appropriate clothing, bring them to the party
2. Give $$$, always appreciated
3. Attend quarterly clothing sales, annual luncheon
4. Volunteer
5. DFSS Wish List
- Plus-sized office wear (18 to 32)
- Designer clothing, accessories, handbags or new items with tags
- New Spanx
- Medium/large new tights/leggings
- Unused undergarments
- Lightweight rain jackets
- African American hair/beauty products
Learn more at their website:
Thanks to KittenChops for the inspiring visual treats! Find yours at

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tax-free Tax Day

April 15th is traditionally the deadline for filing income tax. It may not be your favorite day of the year, but Momo has an offer that makes it a little more pleasant: guilt-free retail therapy. This Sunday, we’re Sales Tax Free for cash purchases over $25. Come down to Momo and enjoy a brief respite from paying tax. Remember to visit an ATM beforehand — Cash is King for the discount!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Looking Forward to Blues Skies . . . and Shirts

Spring’s promise of brighter skies is reflected in this capsule collection of new menswear.
Toronto-based shirt maker, & Sons, considers developing their own fabrics as an essential component of design. Their easy-to-wear shirts bring a distinctive style that both elevates and complements a man’s wardrobe. We love & Sons hand-printed woodblock pattern in subdued shades of taupe and blue.

& Sons subtle blue-on-blue floral shirt in 100% Tencel,
a sustainable pulp product, has the heft of sturdy cotton
with the feel and sheen of silk. 

Copenhagen-based Bruun & Stengade’s designs always convey a bit of dapper urbanity. The pure cotton shirts with micro patterns feature a cutaway collar for subtle-yet-stylish European flair.

Enduring Saint James cotton knits mirror the sea
in two flavors of blue.

Bench is designed with British weather in mind. This windbreaker has a drawstring waist and snap pockets, perfect for our chilly Pacific NW mist and gusts.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pretty in Pink

Spring is nearly sprung! The plum and cherry trees that line the International District’s streets are blooming and birds are singing songs and claiming nesting territory. 

As the weather changes, so should our wardrobes! It’s time to shed layers ... to lighten and brighten up from our comfortable-but-dark Seattle palette of black and grey. One of our favorite color trends for this spring are all the soft, feminine shades of pink (plus, they’re fabulous with charcoal grey). Here’s a little peek at what’s new and peachy-keen at Momo:

From Montreal designer Bodybag By Jude, we present the “Tunis” dress. In a fully lined linen/viscose blend, it features an open back (to show-off that amazing tattoo) and generous pockets.

One of our top picks: Cop Copine “Asio” jacket. With its beautiful texture and dramatic zipped front, we think this one is terrific for layering. And you know we love the roomy pockets.

Our perennial crush, Fog Linen. The “Karen” top is sweetly romantic.

If full-body color is not your thing, add a pop of pink with accessories. The “Caatje” scarf from Moment By Moment glimmers with lighthearted sparkle to perk up your outfit.

Or ... pink pearls. Need I say more? Classic and classy, straight from Hawaii. Pink Power!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Say Oh K! to K-Beauty

K-Beauty is taking the world by storm. Marie Claire has deemed Korea the “skincare superpower,” declaring that they are a decade (or more!) ahead of other countries when it comes to products for those seeking flawless skin. Fierce competition paired with perfectionism has driven rapid innovation at easy-on-the-pocketbook prices. An especially appealing aspect of K-Beauty is a strong focus on natural ingredients – it’s not surprising to find elements like bamboo sap, snail mucus, seaweed and various fermented botanicals in a facial mask.

Why am I talking about Korean beauty products? Because we’ve got ’em at Momo! Straight from Korea: Oh K! sheet masks to suit every face’s needs. Like a mini facial, nutrient-packed masks pamper and replenish the skin in one no-brainer step.

We stock two varieties: ‘hydrogel,’ which is squishy and gelatinous (in a good way!) and ‘sheet’ fabric, which is woven and more flexible. Hydrogel offerings include Gold Dust, which won a 2017 Beauty Awards gold medal, and Luxe editions of Pearl or Caviar. In simple sheet masks, you’ll find soothing Cucumber, moisturizing Avocado or Bubble. The Bubble Mask was shortlisted for 2017 Beauty Awards “Best Innovation!” Way to go!

Cool, sesame-seed studded hydrogel mask refreshes tired skin.

Bubbles sheet mask: on the short list for “Best Special Innovation”

2017 Gold Medal winner!

Classic fabric masks, saturated with
soothing and smoothing goodness.

Fun to use, Oh K! masks are a great springboard for exploring the brave new world of K-Beauty. Priced from $3.75 - $8.50, they’re also an affordable way to share together time with someone you like, providing an excellent excuse for lounging and swapping stories.

Despite being at the absolute forefront of perfecting the art of skincare products, Korean beauty adherents believe that flawless skin starts on the inside. Eat healthy foods, cut back on fat and sugar and most importantly – drink your water! If we moisturize ourselves from the inside out, we'll be far more likely to achieve the dewy glow we love. In the meantime, thank goodness for Oh K! Beauty!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Savings a’ Plenty at Our Good Fortune Sale

With the Year of the Dog comes our semi-annual Good Fortune Sale where we stuff cookies with discounts on already marked down merchandise. Who woulda thunk that canines love the crunchy treats? At Momo, we know what they really crave is the savings within. So, how to play the game?

> Select a SALE article of clothing, accessories or jewelry
> Pick a cookie from our jar of plenty
> Open said cookie, watching out for folded fortune with discount
> Receive an additional 10-30% off
> Go home happy and full of good luck

The Spring Good Fortune Sale runs from today through about two weeks, or until the last cookie crumbles. Shop early for best picks, and check back as new items are added randomly.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for savings:

Prairie Underground shape-shifting dress
Skunkfunk cozy jacket, ours is red!

Skhoop ‘dog walking’ skirts
Cop-copine with pockets!

Let’s face it: we love Cop-copine
Backdrop spring-ready sweater
And so much more, come discover for yourself. See you while you’re saving!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Year O’ De Dog

On February 16th we will usher in the Year of the Dog ... the Earth Dog, to be precise. What does that mean for 2018? Dogs are known for their loyalty, sincerity and cleverness while the earth represents stability and harmony, as well as practicality and hard work. Combine these factors and we should have a year of prosperity and achievement, unity and goodwill.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll take as much harmony and goodwill as we can get! As such, Momo has gathered a collection of curious treats to invite the qualities of the canine into your life.

A perennial favorite: Sweet ceramic cups from Bellingham artist Cary Lane aka The Bowl Maker. We have large and small dogs, as well as a menagerie of other cute critters. Also shown is a tri-fold card made by Momo Mama’s very own sister in Hawaii! Her design firm, Mozaic Paper, created the card  to be used as a luminary (with a battery-powered candle, please).

A litter of little lovelies: Dog patches! Corgis, shiba inus, beagles, French bulldogs, and lovable mutts! We all know some dog fan who would enjoy one (or more) of these iron-on adornments for their messenger bag/backpack/jacket/Converse/laptop case/etc ...

Easy-peasy, just iron it on!

Vanilla, berry and mint flavored.
Do pups have pouts? Despite the mercurial weather, it’s still winter. Going in and out of doors and dealing with constant shifts in humidity and temperature results in dry, chapped lips. Momo to the rescue with three different flavors of pooch lip balm, putting the fun in fun-ctional.

Seeing eye dog: Illuminate the new year with a charming doggie flashlight. Perfect for tucking into your glovebox or near your front door, making it easy to go for walkies in the middle of the night.

Kitschy kitchen canines: We’re cooking up some fun with tea towels in three different designs. The chic Shibas are from local dude Tom Yaguchi, the second tail-waggin’ towel is from Oh! Canada, and the third from Lala’s homeland of Hawaii. You might say we’re doggone nuts over doggie dishtowels.

Made in Seattle!
Pure cotton poochie goodness.
Poi dog ponderings.

Dog Days in the neighborhood:
The Wing Luke Museum
Sunday, February 10 from 10 - 5
Special events include lion dances and dumpling food tours, a coloring contest and divine doggy gifts from the Marketplace. Purchase your tickets in advance at the Wing’s website.
Chinatown/ID Celebration
Sunday, February 11 from 11 - 4
The fun will fill the streets during our new year party, featuring a multitude of cultural activities including traditional Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, Thai and Tahitian dancing, taiko drumming, costume contest and the ever-popular $3 Food Walk! For a complete list of events and times, visit the CIDBIA website.

Whatever your doggy desires, come celebrate with us in the International District. Gung Hei Fat Choy!