Thursday, January 10, 2019

Skhoop Skirt Seven Day Special!

Here comes Skhoop Scandinavian sport-to-street clothing, a grand slam for the Seattle city dweller. Perfect for the cold and rain, yet flattering and chic, it’s ideal for dog walking, urban hiking, and bike commuting. Machine washable, tumble dry-able, windproof and water resistant, Skhoop pretty much does it all. Plus, it has pockets! What could make it better?

A Seven-day Special Sale! That’s right, Momo is momentarily discounting our Skhoop skirts and vests until January 18th ... 20% off lots of styles and sizes to choose from, all in reliable Seattle black.

Let’s start with a great basic, the Karin mini. Thin polyester padding keeps the tush toasty without adding bulk, while side stretch panels and a full-zipper lend comfort, ease and a certain modernity.  Pop it over leggings or skinny jeans and off you go. Available in XS, S or M.

Karin is clean and simple.

Cute rear view!

For year-round wear, try the Adventure skirt – we have an XS, S or M in the mini version, and only one S left in a short version. Super stretchy scuba-esque fabric, side zip, zippered front pocket and belt loops create a skirt that is ready for anything.

Adventure 365 days of the year.

Then there’s the Rebecka skirt – double zips, thick and down-filled, stretchy side gussets. This is an amazing skirt for bicyclists and is on hand in S or M.

The Rebecka is a little puffier.

Last, and least in coverage but most in cute! is the iconic teeny Mini skirt – featuring a double zip front, you can literally wrap this around, zip it closed and walk out the door. It makes any top into a tunic by adding just a wee bit of visual length. Great for tossing on over leggings for that quick jaunt to the store or yoga class. Available in S or M.

Classic Mini, favorite of Momo Mama Lala.

PS: one left of the Original featuring long zippers on either side.
Ideal for taking long strides (for those who have speedy dogs!).

Next up, vests! The Jen is extra long, quilted, double zip, lightweight, cozy! A shiny silver zipper dresses it up, making it stylish enough to wear over jeans and a thick thermal sweater, to head out for a day of exploring the town. Available in S or M.

The Jen 

Then there’s the Debbie vest  –  much like the Jen, but a little longer, and with a serious hood. You’ll be impervious to the wind and rain, guaranteed. Available in S or M.


Brrrrrrr!!!!! Did you know that January is Seattle’s most frigid and dampest month? It’s an excellent time to take advantage of our sweet Skhoop sale — get ’em while it’s cold!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Favorite Things

Forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ... at Momo, we love bright copper jewelry and warm cashmere mittens! Along with those favorite things, in this year’s holiday mix you’ll find an abundance of thoughtful gifts, from handmade and hard-to-find to wonderful and whimsical.

In keeping with our Momo tradition, for the 10th year we present Ilee Papergoods for 2019. We love this letterpress and silk-screened calendar for its sweet design and compact presentation: 12 months in a jewel case so that you’ll be remembered 365 days of the year. Plus, can you find the year-of-the-pig icon hidden on each page? A great choice for the graphic designer, mother-in-law, or party gift exchange.

Each month displays a different design.

Cuteness abounds! For the kawaii, or the kawaii-at-heart, may we present a head-warming, heart-warming hat from Tokidoki. And Lala’s personal favorite, the hoto-pinku kokeshi bun, a close cousin of Miffy.

On the hyper-local front, we offer the full non-seasonal series of books from Hazy Dell Press, a pair of Northwest twins. Kyle is the author of the sometimes dark and always funny poems and Derek is the illustrator. He lives just up Jackson Street, perhaps you’ve met him at Standard Brewing!

Quirky, delightful board books for kids.

Circling back to the copper and cashmere bit, here’s a sampling of two of our long-time local “frienders” (vendors who have become friends). Firstly, from Shelli Markee, hand-hewn earrings in mixed-metals, the ideal adornment for everyday wear. Then there’s Jen Gay’s Kitten Mittens, up-cycled sweater hand-warmers. Jen donates a portion of the proceeds to Paws — so you can keep cozy for a cause. And interestingly, in addition to creating, both of these women play in a band. Neat!

Here’s a delicious gift idea for the lover of sushi in your life — umami or your daddy — sushi PJs! Your choice of cotton flannel set in women’s sizes, or pima cotton bottom in men or women’s sizes. Quantities are limited, get them while they’re fresh.

Cozy up in flannel sushi PJs!

And did someone say hedgehog? Lately, we’re obsessed with these odd fellows. The hedgehog with a mohawk is made in Germany of oiled beechwood and bristles of horsehair. Soft and flexible, for sweeping dust off a keyboard or crumbs from a table. The ceramic guys are a charming gift for the young set or indoor gardener. Kind of like a chia pet but cuter, it sprouts basil, strawberries or peppermint.

Aren’t we adorable?

It’s time for a little fun from Tokyo Bay, master makers of watches. These sturdy clocks make a comeback after years of MIA, and we are delighted! Happy and hefty, they tick forever on a watch battery, bringing miles of smiles to a desk top or mantle. A lovely keepsake for all ages.

Teeny tiny clocks disguised as rotary phones,
robots, sproingy kitties and motorcycles.

Have you heard the story of the wee-ist snowglobes on earth? Momo Mama found them in Osaka, then tracked down the source to the Original Snowglobe company in Austria. And here they are, filled with fantasy (and sometimes a little animal or two).

Direct from Austria, hand-painted snowglobes. 

And lastly, we’re decking the halls with scintillating sea creatures, bejeweled, bedazzling and most of all, beloved. After all, who can’t live without a little rock lobster?

Sparkling gifts from the sea.
Check back to this blog because we’ll be adding to the list as the season progresses. Happy holidays! Let us know if we can help in any way.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Grateful Thanksgiving to All

At Momo, we live up to our motto: happy lucky life. And it’s because of you, our loyal customers, staff, designers, vendors, landlord, community members ... it takes a village, right? And we are so fortunate to be a part of yours. Thank you, mahalo, hsieh hsieh, domo arigato, merci, and so many more ways that we can’t express. Blessed Thanksgiving to you all. xo Momo

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Get Stoned At Momo

The healing powers of stones have been known to many cultures across the world and through the ages. From ancient China to the Egyptians, Romans, Indians and beyond — all believed that stones have magical and mystical properties. Interestingly, the qualities attributed to each stone are fairly consistent across the globe.

In these troubled and often contentious times, we at Momo feel like we can all use a little extra tranquility and positivity in our lives, which is why we’ve chosen to focus on these particular gems in our jewelry collection.

Labradorite is a member of the feldspar family and is best known for its light refracting qualities, which produce shimmery, iridescent flashes of color. These flashes can be so otherworldly and brilliant that the Inuit have a legend stating that the Northern Lights are trapped within.
Labradorite is best known for repelling negativity and aiding in bolstering strength in the face of negativity.

Ruby is considered a useful stone for repelling people who suck your energy, staving off nightmares and insecurity as well as increasing the resilience of the body, mind and spirit. At one point in time, rubies were considered to be more valuable than diamonds. It is said that Kublai Khan once offered an entire city in exchange for a large ruby.

Chrysoprase, with its varying shades of luminous green, experienced a revival (inspired by the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb and bejeweled ornamentation within) during the Art Nouveau period. It was also reportedly the favorite stone of Alexander the Great. Chrysoprase targets depression and anxiety while promoting hope and joy.

If you’re feeling like you, too, could use a boost in positive energy, Momo has a wide assortment of cheery little gems waiting to adorn you.* (Alternatively, our neighbors up at Trichome can help you with any other stone-y quest — tell ’em Momo sent ya!)

* The fine print: some of these beauties left the shop before this post but Momo Mama decided to run it anyway because it’s so fun, meaningful and informative (thank you, Angela). But there’s always something new and alluring in the stone sector, especially from locally made Little Teal, so please come and check it out when you need a little self love, especially during the holidays!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fashion Fresh From Paris

Momo Girl Angela (moi)  has recently returned from France. I noted some Parisian fashion trends that I thought I’d share with everyone. I loved the fact that they were 100% wearable, and would easily translate to Seattle. Keeping it short and sweet, here they are!

  • Long, straight wool coats. Solid colors, leaning toward tertiary. 

  • Skinny jeans on EVERYONE. Even skinny slacks on businessmen.

  • Blanket scarves in mid-weight fabrics. 

  • Bright red lipstick for all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sweater Weather

Fall arrived seemingly overnight, strewing sidewalks with fallen leaves, bringing chilly evenings and bouts of cold rain. So, yeah! Let’s break out the sweaters! And at Momo, we’ve decided that it’s time to up our sweater game by introducing brilliant color into our soon-to-be winter drear.

Brand new to Momo is Maska from Sweden. Exquisite fibers and craftsmanship ensures that these pieces will be in your winter wardrobe for years to come. These more-stylish-than-trendy sweaters are made with wool from merino sheep in Australia ... which is then spun into yarn by a family supplier in Scotland ... which is then sent to Lithuania where it’s turned into gorgeous sweaters!

‘Anira’ tunic in vivid gold.
‘Helga’ in oxblood has front patch pockets, hooray!
‘Anto’ grandpa cardigan has pockets, too!

Maska’s ‘Cici’ sweater is spun in Italy from a blend of fine lambswool and cashmere, so it’s at once lightweight and toasty warm. And guess what? Momo also has pants just like these! via Cop-Copine.

Speaking of, next up, our favorite French brand: Cop-Copine. Leave it to these quirky designers to give us an easy and versatile way to wear the color of the season. Call it curry, saffron or moutarde, a dash will go a long way in spicing up your wardrobe.

‘Aubrac’ is the perfect boyfriend sweater and
this saturated mustard is the go-to color for fall. 

Cop-Copine ‘Dodoma’ will make you feel like you’re
hugged by a giant bunny – softer than a cloud!
And for us tried-and-true Northwesterners who need to refresh our classic Seattle black/grey (or as we like to say, light-black) and beige sweater selection, Momo has got you covered.

Backdrop is back! Purveyors of the perfectly practical (without conceding style), we have their ever-popular black zip-up hooded cardigan and a super-cozy oversized oatmeal-colored cardi. And yes, pockets, pockets, pockets!

But wait, there’s more. Straight from Copenhagen: Two Danes. Both ‘Yuna’ and ‘Yulia’ are a 50/50 blend of yak wool and merino, super soft to the touch. Snug as a bug in a rug! And you’re seeing right — more pockets.
Last but not least is our Margaret O’Leary cashmere travel wrap — impossible not to love (and a luxe holiday present for anyone you love)! A 77" x 28" rectangle of pure heaven and an absolute must-have for the plane, train, automobile or strolling. We have eight colors to choose from, ranging from a romantic rosewood to pine green and, of course, our staples of black, grey, navy or taupe.

There you have it, the sweater wrap up at Momo. And believe it or not, there’s more in store. So, drop by, say ‘hi,’ and get your warm fuzzies ... and maybe a sweater, too! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2018


It’s the time of year the southwest winds bring rain to the Northwest. Our damp season demands versatile all-weather outerwear, and at Momo, we’ve found the perfect solutions, beginning with: Baro Drywear. Based in Vancouver, BC, their focus is technical jackets styled for the street — taped seams, breathable fabric, moisture-wicking lining and of course, waterproof.

Military-inspired “Brockton” features a fishtail back and adjustable hood.

In loden green or black, the Brockton offers room for layering
while maintaining trim profile.

The tailored “Dean” jacket has street smart styling
and the same waterproof technical construction. 

Many know Gramicci as a pioneering rock-climbing clothier. This season, the company collaborated with Japanese designers to produce Gramicci JP. The result? A good-looking work jacket where outdoor utility meets practical urban style ... at work, in the studio, or out-and-about.

Always classic: Saint James Nemo fisherman smock is a staple for mariners in cold climes from the coast of Brittany to the British Isles. Made of heavy canvas with an interior pocket, this pullover is Northwest ready, whether you’re on the water, in the woods or around town.