Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

2014 brings us the year of the Wood Horse. According to Momo’s handy-dandy book of Chinese horoscopes, the year of the Horse is a fast-paced one. Filled with periods of hectic activity and high-spirited adventure, it will be exhilarating, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding and profitable.

To  kick off the start of this exciting year, the Chinatown/International District will be hosting a neighborhood celebration  this Saturday, February 1st, starting at 11 a.m. at Hing Hay Park. Lion and Dragon dances, taiko drumming, children’s costume parade, scavenger hunt, $2 food walk — these are just a few of the festive events you'll find! Bring your friends and family and enjoy a unique, fun-filled cultural experience.

Message from Momo: Happy Lunar New Year!

Get ready for a wild ride in the auspicious year of the horse. The speed of the steed
will find us traveling the world and engaging in new adventures, possibly including unexpected trysts! Brave, energetic and powerful, 
the noble stallion champions both business and personal pursuits. In this fortunate year, harness your luck to bring about long-awaited change. Follow your hunches, be decisive — take swift action and your goals will be within reach.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Momo Markdowns!

Spring is right around the corner. Today we had a brief teaser — the sun came out and for an all-too-short while we were able to doff our gloves and scarves and marvel at the bright thing in the sky.

Springtime at Momo means the arrival of Spring clothing. Lots of it. Which means, dear readers, that we need to make room on our racks! We just put a slew of beautiful picks on sale. Here’s a sampling of what you might find — spruce up your Year of the Horse wardrobe while sparing your wallet.

This one is reversible, back-to-front
Essential long tunic tops from A’Nue Ligne. One light grey and one dark grey, both in size M. These are one of our all-time favorites for four-season layering (psst, a secret: I used this piece as the bottom layer for most of the photos in this blog post). Marked down to $71.
Thick knit ‘Mike’ Cop-Copine sweater with elegant batwing sleeves, size M. Yours for $216.
‘Angela’ (named after me!) faux shearling jacket from Cop-Copine in an XS, reduced to $377!
Luscious linen/wool jacket by Japan’s Fog Linen Works in a size L. A steal for $257 (plus it has pockets, a must).
Subtle Luxury cashmere can be worn two ways: right-side-up or upside-down. We have dove grey and pale beige, both in a size S/M for $217.
Our Claudia Nichole cashmere cardigans are a just-right tunic-length, cozy and have hoods. We have charcoal grey and slate blue in a size S as well as a mocha brown in a size M. Now only $194. (Great gift for Valentine’s Day!)
We have two Ronen Chen knit tops — slight ruching and a gently rolled neckline make this a super cute piece for dressing up or dressing down. Sizes 0 and 2 available, reduced to $121.

Velvety trench by Samuel Dong
in a size M. Yours for $155.

Flirty and fashionable Cop-Copine ‘Safe’ skirt, XS now only $176.

Adorable black bubble super-soft sweater dress (both sexy and flattering) from With Love from Kokoro. Size XS, for $119.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When Life Hands You Meyer Lemons ...

Make limoncello*! At least that's what Mr. Momo does.

Thank you, Sophia, for the charming photo of Ms. Lemon’s luscious fruit!
Meet our Meyer lemon tree. Ms. Lemon has been beautifying the front window of Momo since our opening day in 2007, when she was given as a gift by Jennifer Habu. Just like our happy shop, she is a bright spot of cheer, a sunny yellow beacon during the oft grey winter months.

Ms. Lemon started out by yielding one plump lemon in her first year here. The next year ... two lemons. The year after that? Three lemons! And so she’s continued, gracing us with an ever-increasing and always appreciated bounty ... just as you do, dear Momo friends. Like Ms. Lemon, you’ve been lovely and steadfast and we appreciate each and every one of you!

Here’s to familiar faces, new faces, more smiles than we can count and a seven-lemon year in 2014.

*if you don’t want to make limoncello, here are some alternatives:
Meyer Lemon Recipe Fun!