Friday, July 23, 2010

Kawaii, ne?

You asked, we searched. And searched. And searched ... until we found someone creating baby hapi coats of the quality and design our customers deserve. Thanks to super seamstress and local mom Pennie Laird, we now offer jimbei and yukata in sizes tiny (12 months), little (18 months) and big (24-36 months). So cute and only $28, in lightweight cotton perfect for summer. Sugoi ne!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fugu You

One morsel of exotic fugu (pufferfish), could be lethal. Yet the potentially deadly delicacy continues to grow in popularity as kamikaze diners play Russian roulette, leaving their fate to the knives of skilled sushi chefs. May we suggest a saner alternative? Our Doku (Poison) Blowfish tee from SumoFish is non-toxic and deliciously designed. And a lot more affordable at $22.50 a serving. If venomous fish isn’t your thing, we have other food-focused styles: ramen, rice or tako (squid). All silk-screened on 100% cotton by former Hawaii-boy now Bay-area artist Brandt Fuse.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

East Meets Fest


KimonoFest turned out to be one of our most omoshiroi (fun) events at Momo, with many an enthusiastic guest dressed by kimono expert Yuri and embellished with Thea Starr’s exotic kanzashi hair adornments of vintage kimono fabric. Good sport Gretchen got into the spirit in full regalia, even topping off Ms. Monica with Thea’s lovely hair pins. Midori and Nobue honored us with their charm, and as an unexpected delight, we were graced with a sidewalk showing of the Ai Yai Ice Queenistas, bedecked in Maria Antoinette-ish paper ballgowns. France meets Japan — so Momo!