Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mini Momo Girls

Lucky us! Last Thursday, for Take Your Daughter to Work Day, our boutique was visited by two young ladies who wanted to experience life at Momo. Grace (at left) and Tess (on the right), spent a few fun hours learning about retail. After a quick Q + A, the two set about to spiffing up the shop, dressing dummies and designing displays.
Jessica gave the eighth grade girls lessons in presentation, getting the table ready with a colorful Mother’s Day theme.
Thank you, girls! Maybe one day we’ll be honored to have Tess and Grace working with us for real.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jeff + Chuck

Jeff’s been sporting Chucks since he was a teenager, so was he ever delighted to find our S. Kuhlman Converse shirt ($79) in Momo’s front window. With a big grin he told us he was going to wear it all day. Jeff found us on his visit from Frostburg, Maryland — no doubt he’ll be the only one in his town with the whimsical shirt that hails from Minnesota.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unbearably Kawaii

A couple of months ago, the lovely Yuri Kinoshita of Umbo gave me one of these super cute Chirimen bears for my big birthday and since then, he’s been the keeper of my new Mini Cooper keys. Since I love him so much, I thought I’d buy a few to share with our Momo customers. He has movable arms and legs and is so well-made — perfect for adorning a cell phone or as in Japan, a handobaggu. He comes in black or purple and is an appropriate gift for the person with everything ... except a kimono clad bear.

[Umbo Chirimen bear, $14]

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sterling Silva

This is shopgirl Diane’s neck. With her creamy complexion, any jewelry would look divine, but we think Eric Silva’s droplet necklace is especially exquisite. Recognized for his rustic style, the California artist melds bone, antler, wood, silver and semi-precious stones into distinctive pieces. We’re finally bold enough to bring in a collection and we invite you to try it on — we’re truly excited and we think you’ll be, too.

[Eric Silva jewelry collection, $32 - $208]