Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sweater Weather

Could it be that Fall has finally fully arrived? Clouds are hovering, leaves are turning color and drifting from the trees, and the evenings are decidedly chilly. It’s time to pull out the sweaters.

Exclusive to Momo: Daily Day, from Portugal. Our current crush is the “Sonia” cardigan. The generous fit ensures an extraordinarily elegant drape. Made from a mid-weight wool, it’s the perfect layering piece for transitioning into fall or spring. Plus, it has pockets!

Meet “Sonia” from Porto.

A perennial favorite at Momo is Three Stones. Hailing from Vancouver BC, the designer creates clothing particularly suited to our Pacific Northwest climate. The “Roseta” sweater is a rich marl of burgundy and grey yarns – a nice way to switch things up from the usual Seattle black.
“Roseta” is a hefty knit cotton.
Another brand that is new to Momo is Backdrop. Also from Vancouver, they feature warm and cozy knits, like snuggling up with your favorite blanket. In a range of styles from lightweight wear-to-work cardigans to outer layering pieces, well-made Backdrop sweaters are a good value. Lala went rather gaga over knits this season, so come in and check out the abundance of comfy goodness for this fall.

Cozy cardi from Backdrop.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kyoto : Art : Antiques : 9|28 : 10|8

Twice a year Seattle is gifted with one of the most eagerly awaited sales around. Today we are turning our blog spotlight on our friends Jay and Kyoko, aka Kyoto Art and Antiques.

Although based in Kyoto, they also have a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Seattle’s very own Georgetown neighborhood. Each spring and fall, they host an incredible event that lasts only eleven days. If you have an interest in Asian art and/or antiques, this is a must-see. Even if you don’t, the spectacle of it alone is worth checking out. Picture a cavernous, century-old warehouse, filled to the rafters with objects that are beautiful (200 year old hand-painted silk shoji screens), esoteric (wagashi kashigata), or just jaw-dropping (a temple bell that required a small crane to hoist it into the warehouse).

Wagashi kashigata are molds for making japanese sweets (usually from rice flour).

Detail of a large hand-painted screen.
This year their Fall Sale begins on Thursday, September 28th and runs through Sunday, October 8th. For more information, please visit their website:
We’ll see you amidst the treasures!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Rice is Nice

Tasty treats are awaiting you at Momo! Straight from the tropical paradise of Hawaii come nibble-liscious delights in both the sweet and salty food kingdoms.

Our “Tomoe” rice cracker story will perfectly illustrate how hard Momo Mama Lei Ann works to find the shop truly special items: While visiting her parents in Hawaii, Lei Ann called Momo’s butter mochi mix guy. “Who has the best snacks in town, Butter Mochi Mix Guy?” she asked. He directed her to Taiyo, a snack food warehouse in Honolulu, where she met up with the very nice Lynn. As it turned out, Lynn is the great granddaughter of the founder of the company, which has been passed down through three generations. The “Tomoe” arare brand is named after her grandmother! 

Momo Mama brought a suitcase filled with these delicious island-style bites back home to Seattle to share with all of you. We have mini yakko, hearts, sakura, norimaki and a blended mix!

Perfectly crunchy! Salty with a slight hint of sweet.
Momo has also replenished our butter mochi supply. A great dessert for gluten-intolerant folks (both the classic as well as the brownie mix), and is gluten free, addictively yummy and super easy to make. 

Mmmochi! Classic Butter and a Brownie mix, too.
 Drop by, say hi, pick up some rice-y goodies and get your snack on!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Good Fortune (Sale) Continues!

Momo's Good Fortune Sale is still in full swing! There are still many beautiful things to fall in love with, for an additional 10-30% off of the sale price. Cruise in, find your new favorite addition to your wardrobe and choose your lucky fortune cookie.

Here’s a small glimpse at what is still on the Momo racks:

Conscious Clothing's “Backyard Tunic” is made in Michigan from 100% organic linen.
Perfect for now, or for layering once the weather cools down. We have XS and S.

Seattle’s own Prairie Underground! The “Earl Grey” dress is available in XS and M.

Margaret O'Leary is known for timeless designs with a modern twist.
We love the “Origami” cardigan. Available in blue and grey.

Looking forward to rain: Three Stones raincoat has a double-zip, generous
hood and drawstring in the waist for perfect comfort. Size XS and M left!
Pop in to say “hello!” and peruse the racks! And may good fortune smile up on you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Good Fortune Smiles Upon You

The Momo Good Fortune Sale-on-a-sale is HERE — and our racks are full of wear-now or enjoy-later clothing and accessories, ripe for the plucking. So, how does it work?

• Peruse our sale items and make your selection from brands like Bench, Cop-copine, Prairie Underground, Three Stones, Bridge and Burn, WRK and more
• Spot the jar on the counter and carefully choose your cookie
• Open it up and beware — there are two pieces of paper, don’t eat your discount!
• Enjoy 10-30% off your already reduced merchandise
• Sale goes until the last cookie crumbles, shop early for primo picks.

Here’s a peek at what’s in store ... and there’s more!

Hot Spanish stripes for the last warm days, from Wom&Now.
Versatile semi-sheer knit duster from Vancouver BC's Three Stones
Montreal’s Annie 50, super cute paper planes and a button-back!         

Always classic blue checks. Linen shirt from NYC’s WRK.
From our neighbors to the south, PDX’s Bridge and Burn.
Pale grey and soft white pair well with anything. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Momo Kimono Mania!!!

Meet the Makers of Modern Kimono
 Tuesday Scarves and Saltaire Life at Momo
Saturday, August 26th from 3:00 - 5:30
Kimono is making a comeback! In an easy, wearable way. Pop it over jeans and a tee by day, or drape it over the little black dress at night for a confident style statement. To prove our point, we've invited two designers to share the merits of their contemporary kimono: Rian Robison of Tuesday Scarves and Jancy Quinn of Saltaire Life. Meet both these local lovelies at Momo Kimono Mania!

Hand-dyed Tuesday Scarves kimono

Tuesday Scarves
Made right here in the International District, each kimono is hand-sewn of lightweight rayon and hand-dyed with professional-quality fiber reactive dyes in a variety of custom-mixed colors and original patterns. The minimalist shape creates a beautiful drape, and the rectangular cut produces little to no material waste by utilizing whole pieces of fabric without scraps from corners and irregular cuts. 

Flowy, feminine florals from Tuesday Scarves
Inspired by a recent trip to Paris, and a love of Japanese textiles, Rian spent the last year and a half researching, experimenting and developing the original dye techniques featured in her latest line. Each piece is created from scratch at her Tuesday Scarves studio and storefront at 608 Maynard Avenue South next to Bush Garden.

Vintage kimono redux from Saltaire Life
Saltaire Life
East meets West in this line of authentic vintage kimonos embellished with dramatic and whimsical patches and artwork. Each kimono is a one-of-a-kind statement piece, with new offerings released every week.

A gallery of varieties from Saltaire Life

Saltaire Life was started by childhood best friends, one on the east coast and one on the west. The name Saltaire is a word, or not a word – it is a town from 1850's England, home to several textile mills, and it's the feeling you get when you breathe in fresh ocean air. Saltaire Life is dedicated to curating and creating custom offerings based on a love of textiles, apparel and sustainability.

Whichever kimono you crave, come and see the show during Hai! Japantown. There’s more fun to come, watch our blog or check Japantown Seattle on Facebook for future information. Ja Matta!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Iced Tea Time!

Holy heatwave, Batman! It looks like Seattle is in for a scorcher of a week. One of our favorite ways to beat the heat is to have an ice cold drink handy – iced tea, anyone? What tickles your fancy? Herbal, caffeinated, spice-infused chai? Happily, Momo has all of the above.

Direct from Bellingham, WA: Flying Bird Botanicals. Handcrafted from herbs and teas sourced from organic farms, you can pick and choose between purely herbal, or something with a gentle kick. We highly recommend the “Twilight Mint” for an invigoratingly chill brew.

Jaipur Avenue chai: We have Ginger for those who like a bit of bite, Variety Pack for the less decisive among us. Although typically encountered served warm, it’s also amazingly refreshing when cold.

No iced drink is complete without the perfect glass! “Perfect” in Momo parlance equals happy and colorful, perhaps with a touch of whimsy, and always functional.

Couleur Nature is well known for French kitchen linens, but they also make sturdy glasses in a wide array of bright colors. Our current favorites are the perfectly sized pop juice glasses with cheery rims, and the hand-blown 12 oz. seaspray tumbler.

The perfect juice glass! We have them with turquoise,
red, yellow, white and cobalt blue rims.
Fill with 12 oz. of chilled deliciousness.

For those craving a bit of cuteness, check out our Bandjo glasses! Made from Duralex (French for Pyrex!) these are not only adorned with adorableness, but are sturdy as heck and dishwasher safe.

Other fun patterns at Momo are: orange forest gnomes and turquoise kitties.
And if all else fails, we have air conditioning at Momo! Come visit and keep cool.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Saturday, July 29: Zuri Kenya Pop-Up 12 - 2

Join us in welcoming Sandra Zhao, 1/2 of the Zuri Kenya team, as she flies by Momo on a brief trip to the Northwest. The concept behind Zuri is #justonedress — for work, for play, for travel, for life. With 3/4-sleeves, a button-front, and an easy swing style that hits at about the knee, The Dress can be worn as said dress, a light jacket, or a tunic. But what truly gives it the one-two punch is the fabric: mid-weight cotton in delightful colors and patterns designed and printed in Kenya.

Backstory: cute customer and tastemaker Meredith came to Momo raving about a dress she recently read about in the NY Times (our shoppers are readers)! My curiosity piqued, I followed through, contacted Zuri and ordered a few dresses. A few days later, Sandra reached out, said she was coming to the Northwest for a wedding, and asked if we would like to host a last-minute trunk show. Heck yeah!

See you soon for the fast fun!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Small-batch Biblelots

The Pacific Northwest is big on micro-brew production of beer, wine and spirits. Why? Closer quality control, easier experimentation, more exclusive end product. At Momo, we believe the same can be said for small-batch jewelry. Working with indie designers allows us to introduce you to a taste of different talents, for example:


One of the rare folk who is native to Seattle, Nina has been a maker for as long as she can remember. After earning a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing at the Rhode Island School of Design, she returned to the area, honing her skills through production for local jewelers while working on her designs in her spare time. Today, she is on her own, turning out more ambitious pieces than ever. With a strong focus on sustainability, conscious design and meticulous craftsmanship, Nina’s work is both stunning and something you can feel good about wearing. We are particularly in love with the stones in our capsule collection of Nina rings showing at Momo right now. 

“The Square” labradorite

“Triple Stone” labradorite & moonstone

“Grid Ring” with five different gemstones
Amy Bush has been crafting jewelry of many kinds for 15 years. At times, she strayed from the path, detouring in 2007 to own and run the adorable JayWalk in Madrona, then taking a hiatus for the birth of her son, Gus. Now, she’s getting back into the swing of things and Momo is excited to be Amy’s first wholesale account! The concept behind her latest line, Loyalsmith, is to combine dual-tone metals to create lightweight, everyday adornments that ‘play well’ with all your other jewelry. You can find a variety of her well-crafted earrings at the shop, including these innovative designs.

”Exclamation” in large or small
”Corkscrews” in large or small
Fun, not formal “Black Ties!”

Bay Area wife and husband team, Creek and Johnny Van Houten, share a love of antiques ranging from trains to potato buckets, marbles and buttons. While attending graduate school in Holland, Creek became fascinated by antique buttons. She began collecting the fashionable fasteners and thus was born Compass Rose Design. Our assortment at Momo features sterling silver pendants, cast from molds made from some of these buttons, ranging from sweetly whimsical to classic nautical themes.

“Lovebirds” - SOLD!

”Honey Bee”

”Sun Medallion”

Shoreline-based designer Melanie Brauner is the virtuoso behind Verso. Simply put, her unique jewelry is made from sterling silver forms cast in handmade paper. But the process is more complex: she begins by creating a wire armature that is then dipped in a pulp of water and abaca fiber. This material dries, shrinks and adheres to the metal. Once dried, the process is repeated until a desired thickness is reached, at which point the pieces are all individually hand dyed in subtle shades. The labor-intensive operation results in lightweight, yet surprisingly durable creations inspired by nature: the coil of a fern, a dangling seed, the curve of a leaf. Whatever her artist’s eye envisions.


More Seattle for the win! Francine Moo-Young is perhaps best known for her hand-painted suede kimonos, but this leather-obsessed designer is also a jeweler. One of her latest experiments is with supple leather cord and pearls in lustrous tones of silver, bronze and rose gold. These new creations come in a variety of sizes and styles, and many are versatile, with the ability to be worn in multiple ways. Take for example the dramatic “Abacus” (the baroque pearls slide up and down the lace) which can be worn long, looped twice around the neck, or encircling a wrist. Or the dainty “Rock Daisy” necklace strung with mini pearls — same utility, but a whole different appeal. Momo is among the first to tout this new line; we are especially attracted because they remind us of the laid-back luxury of Hawaii.

“Plume Abacus” necklace

“Rock Daisy” necklace

“Ghost Flower” bracelet 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Celebrate Summer, Asian Style!

The events of the International District promise fun in the sun. With so much going on, you could be here every weekend and still come back for more. See you at Momo!

Discover the Delights of Dragon Fest
Saturday, July 15 from 12-8
Sunday, July 16 from 12-6
International District

King Street comes alive with cultural activities, family fun, food and festivities. Take a day trip to foreign destinations through experiencing martial arts demonstrations. lion dances, the Chinese Girls Drill Team, and traditional Korean drumming while munching Japanese sweets, Filipino noodles,  Chinese dumplings and Hawaiian shave ice. Mmmm, when you need a break, stroll to Momo and say hello! More info on Dragon Fest.

Dance Away the Evening at Bon Odori Festival
Saturday, July 15 from 4-10
Sunday, July 16 from 3-8
Seattle Buddhist Temple at 1427 South Main Street

The Japanese celebration of honoring the dead is alive and well at Bon Odori, just a few blocks east of Dragon Fest. Don your kimono and line up with the young, old, gay and happy to perform age-old dances. You’ll also find Japanese snacks, craft booths, and a beer garden for the over 21-set. Details at Seattle Betsuin

Shop Summer AAPI Arts & Crafts Fair
Thursday, July 20 from 6-9
Hing Hay Co-works at 409 B Maynard Avenue South

Enlightened self-interest! Support the API community while you browse a unique array of goods created by hand. Jewelry, stationery, clothing, and yes, cupcakes! are among the offerings. Held within the cool offices of the CID’s best-kept secret: Hing Hay Co-works. More info at Hing Hay Co-Works.

Be Jammin’ at The Wing Luke JamFest
Thursday, July 20 from 5:30- 9
Around the CID

It starts at The Wing, then follow the fun around the ID. Discover live music and performances — like our favorite, Shanghai Pearl —  tucked away in interesting nooks and crannies, a great way to spend a summer’s eve into night. More info at The Wing

Save the Date: Hai! Japantown
Saturday, August 26 from 2-10
Jackson Street, Hing Hay Park and Nagomi Teahouse

Nihonmachi is coming into its own with a summer celebration highlighting the joys of Japantown. Connect the cultural dots between Nihonmach Alley, Cultural Heritage Walks, Mahouto Market and Hing Hay performances and Movies in the Park. More info to come, check out FB: Japantown Seattle. 

Mark Your Calendar: Kimono Mania
Saturday, August 26 from 3:30-5
Momo in Japantown




As our part of Hai! Japantown, Momo has invited two local lovelies to share their wears: Rian from Tuesday Scarves and Jancy from Saltaire Life. Come try us on.



But wait, there’s more ... Thursday Happy Hour Food Walks, Asian-American films in the park ... too much to include here. So, check it out yourself on our neighborhood Facebook page: I Heart ID. Get set for a hot summer of frolic — and remember who loves you! xo Momo