Monday, April 17, 2017

Standard Wax Candles : Purposeful Re-purposing

Say hello to Standard Wax, Momo’s newest candle crush. Hand poured in Tempe, AZ,  these 100% soy candles come in an array of luscious scents ... but more importantly, they come in attractive re-usable vessels. 

Rather than a typical fragrance-focused genesis, Sam, the founder of Standard Wax began her candle-making journey as a ceramic artist. She held the vision of creating beautiful and elegant holders that can, and should be, re-purposed. Some suggestions for lending life to the simple cylinders: sake cups (our personal favorite), change holder, tiny planter, a house for pens and pencils — the list goes on. 

Momo has seven heavenly fragrances:

Bergamot + Basil
clean and fresh, with bright basil and earthy moss

Citrus + Black Currant
citrus, fruity currant and a hint of greenery

smoky cedar and sandalwood, with a touch of forest air

Forest Floor
freshly turned soil and mysterious moss

Whiskey + Fig
teakwood, black tea, figs and sweet melons

Green Thumb
ferns, grass, sun-drenched soil

Tomato Leaf
Momo Mama Lei Ann’s favorite! Truly smells like lightly crushed tomato leaves mixed with lemon, jasmine and herbs

Here are a few tips and tricks for your Standard Wax candle: 
  • always create a “melt pool.” Keep your candle lit until the uppermost layer is melted all the way out to the edge of the container.
  • trim the wick to 1/4" before each use
  • when there is only 1/2" of wax left, scoop it (and the wick) out with a spoon. Wipe the interior clean (wash with dish soap if using for drinks or food). Voila! Food-safe, beautiful, and ready for a second life. ❤

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rain AND Shine

With the indecisive weather we’ve been experiencing, we’re never sure how to prepare. Layers, with a base of a tank or linen dress? A bulky sweater over a tee? To hoodie or not to hoodie? 

Momo can outfit you for the elements, be they blustery, rainy, balmy, or positively warm (summer will get here eventually ... right?).

Momo Man : Rain

Brand new to Momo is Baro – functional and fashionable. Water resistant fabric, bonded waterproofing taping on the inside of the seams, and breathable inner membrane will all ensure that you stay dry and stylish.

Momo Man : Shine 

Check out the tiny fish print!
In anticipation of sunshine! Our Kahala shirts (straight from Hawaii) will keep you both feeling and looking cool.

Momo Girl : Rain

From Vancouver, BC (which is, dare I say it? rainier than Seattle) is Three Stones. The “Essex” raincoat is a terrific lightweight option for an urban outing. A generously sized hood and over-length sleeves with elasticized cuffs will keep you comfy on windy, drizzly days. 

Momo Girl : Shine

Fresh from Barcelona is Wom&Now. We are really loving the pop of cherry red and white paired with varied stripes. Pair with a strappy sandal and you’re ready for the hottest weather Seattle can throw your way. Bring it on!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Light Up Your Night ...

...  and someone’s day, with a shadowbox fresh from the Portland studio of Sparrow and Sundry, a most delightful way to create a gentle glow anywhere you like. Illuminated with an LED and powered by batteries (we always give you extras), these little cuties can be placed wherever your heart — and eyes — desire. Each one is unique, hand created by graphic designer Jen Amos who began making the boxes from leftover wood scraps after her kitchen remodel. The charming scenery is laser cut and set with tiny figurines, from bunnies in the woods, to souvenir-worthy Space Needles, to the super special limited-edition kokeshi girls and cherry trees from Japan. Love!

Most shadowboxes measure 3" x 3" big.

Memories of the Northwest: Orca spotting!

This one is Lala with her pink dress and Bun Bun.

Seattle skyline, alight with glitter, the iconic city scene.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Into Color

“I like light, color, luminosity. I like things full of color and vibrant.” ~Oscar de la Renta

Spring has officially arrived. The weather is warming, flowers are emerging, color is blooming. It’s time to trade in our winter greys and blacks for some cheerful hues. Spring clothing is arriving daily at Momo, including these bright happy pieces:

Raffi clothing is a family business led by Raffi Shaya, who is attributed with having an “almost clairvoyant ability to forecast color.” We won’t argue! We are loving out newest pure linen shirts, available in a playful pink and a delicious summery blue.

100% linen Raffi shirts in pink and cornflower blue.

Brand new and fresh from Hawaii: Pitacus by Lisa Wiemken. Lisa’s clothing is made in Hawaii from vibrant Japanese textiles. What always thrills us? Dresses with pockets! Pitacus’ oversized patch pockets add a measure of practicality belied by the playful fabric.

Pitacus top with amazing pocket.

Pitacus tunic, made from Japanese fabrics.

A gentle way to ease into spring color (we know it can be a shock to the system after six months of drizzle and monochrome) is to accessorize with a pop of color! I. Ronni Kappos masterfully combines her treasure trove of vintage German glass components into happy bright jewelry. Momo has a brand new batch of her creations, the perfect greeting for spring.

Whimsical, happy color: vintage German glass by jeweler I. Ronni Kappos.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring Scores at the Momo Good Fortune Sale

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles!” is a good thing when it comes to our Momo semi-annual sale happening for the next two weeks. It’s our way of offering you incredible deals while making room for new goodies ... and, as the proverbial THEY say, “Early bird gets the worm!” But then again, we often randomly mark down new items, so it’s all a fun game of chance, with every one a winner. Here’s how it works:
  • Decide that you need to go home with a SALE item. 
  • Bring said SALE item to the counter. 
  • Pick a tasty, crunchy fortune cookie out of a jar and open it.
  • Inside is a special fortune giving you an ADDITIONAL 10% - 30% OFF THE SALE PRICE.
  • Eat cookie. Do not eat fortune.
  • Leave feeling stylish and smug for saving money.
Hope to see you at Momo soon!
Prairie Underground’s ‘Leaf Miner’ is sleek yet comfy.

Reindeer leather adorns the cuffs
of Finland’s Marita Huurinainen cardigan.

Wom&Now tunic-length cardi is toasty warm.
We love the striped details.

Retro but not campy - Marigold’s
tunic dress is wrinkle-proof and flattering.

Prairie Underground, complete with their signature
pocket ruching! Love love love the easy fit.

Wom&Now’s drop-waist dress is another low-maintenance, wrinkle-free piece.
The playful floral graphic is rendered in the subtle colors that Seattle prefers.

Men’s clothing is also a part of the Good Fortune Sale! Here’s a sampling of what the gents can look forward to scoring: 

Azul jersey crew has a great texture. Pair with this
navy Bench zip-through hoodie for a casual day out.

Stylish but not stuffy: Bruun & Stengade button-up
layered with a Raffi sweater.

Take your pic: merino wool Raffi 1/4-zip sweaters
in soft taupe, classic blue or black. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Scarf Style

Daffodils are starting to push their way through the soil, trees are beginning to bud – spring is approaching! It’s time to trade your heavy winter wraps for light-as-air luxuries wafting in to Momo. Here’s a tiny glimpse of our current selection.

Amet & Ladoue: A match made in heaven, featuring French designs crafted in small textile mills in India. Gorgeous fabrics and flawless craftsmanship transform these scarves into small works of art. 

Contrast stitching gives this tiger extra punch. 

Scarf Shop: Straight from Minneapolis, Scarf Shop scarves are hand-dyed 100% cotton. Extra long for creating a multitude of styles. 

A rainbow of options!

Moment By Moment: by way of Amsterdam. Easy-to-wear patterns in lightweight cotton make these simple to pair with your spring wardrobe. 

Are you looking for new ways to wrap your scarf? Here’s a video with a plethora of fun and easy ways to swaddle yourself in style: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes. Check it out, and then come play with us at Momo!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Adorn Your Adored

The clock is ticking down toward the day devoted to giving gifts of love. Traditionally those gifts include flowers, chocolates and jewelry (among other things). The last of those three poses the greatest challenge for many of us — jewelry can be such an intimate thing, highly colored by personal preference. Gold or silver? Stones or no stones? Simple or ornate? Delicate? Rugged? 

Happily, Momo has got your jewelry needs covered. Freshly stocked with an eclectic, carefully curated array of adornments, we're certain you'll find something that will set your sweetie's heart a-flutter. Are you unsure of what choices are the most likely to be a hit? We can help! 

Seattle native Nina Raizel has crafted sweet little hearts for your sweetheart!

Tiny hearts from Nina Raizel.

Eric Silva statement rings.

Reminiscent of an abacus: Stunning
blue quartz and textured sterling silver bracelet.

More E. Silva: an antler half-moon suspended by blue topaz. 

Rubies, garnet and amazonite, oh my!

Little Teal’s minimalist stone earrings highlight
PNW rocks like river cobbles and hydrogrossular garnet.
Does your valentine prefer a pop of color?
Enamel earrings from Momo's own Flora and Fawn.

Silver + Salt’s recycled silver and
ethically sourced pearls: elegant + unique.

Our newest jewelry line hails from Shoreline. Using papermaking techniques,
Verso's nature-inspired pieces are airy and lightweight.

We love these virtually weightless “leaves.”

We’ve also got an incredible array of Valentine's cards right now. Ranging from saucy to sweet and everything in between, you'll definitely find the perfect one to go with your jewels. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ramen Time

For some, the word “ramen” conjures images of poor college students slurping additive-laden noodles in their dorm rooms, but ramen is so much more than that. Ramen has a long and storied history. Believed to be Chinese in origin, it became a popular noodle dish in Japan in the early 1900s. Disruptions to food supplies during WWII created an underground “black market” ramen business – you could be arrested if you were caught selling ramen without specific permission! The omnipresent instant ramen was not invented until 1958 and was considered something of a luxury food until the ’70s (later, in the US).

In celebration of this perfect comfort food, we are featuring an array of ramen-themed delights one might find here at Momo.

Colorful ramen bowls by Danica are large enough
for even the most decadent bowl of noodles. 

Wonderfully talented local designer Stasia Burrington’s
“Ramen Girl” pins are beyond adorable. 

100% cotton kitchen towels feature
12 different doodles of delectable ramen bowls.

The eternally popular Ramen Shark tee from SumoFish.

Wear your ramen on something other than your shirt!
Ramen tabbisocks to keep your tootsies warm.

No blog post about food would be complete without some dining suggestions! Here are some of our favorite places you can find ramen right here in the International District:

•As much as we refrain from cluing people in to our secret den of deliciousness, we can't help ourselves. Tsukushinbo serves ramen as their lunch special on Fridays. Their broth simmers for days before being deemed worthy.
Fu Lins China-meets-Japan offering is affordable and hearty! Definitely add a side of gyoza.
•Next door neighbor Kaname specializes in two types of ramen: shio and miso tonkatsu. Pair with a cocktail made by Momo's very own Leland for a terrific dinner.
Samurai Noodles is a neighborhood go-to. Added bonus: there are a variety of add-ons you can request for your soup.