Monday, April 25, 2016

Momo Kodomo no hi with Toni Yuly

Time for a Cat Nap with Toni Yuly
Momo Kodomo no hi Story Time
Sunday, May 1 from 1:00 - 3:00

Come join in as our favorite children’s author/illustrator Toni Yuly visits Momo once again to share her book about an enthusiastic, kawaii kitten. Cat Nap is book number three for the former local librarian, who understands delighting and teaching the little ones through words and visuals. 

Toni’s first book, Early Bird, takes kids in and out and up and down, emphasizing action with an unexpected ending. 

 Night Owl, book number two, is a hoot and a half, with listening lessons about sounds in the night ... and ultimately a happy ending. Look for more fun to come from the talented artist.

Toni reads to a captivated audience at last year’s Momo Kodomo no hi.
In keeping with tradition, we’ll have homemade cookies and handcrafted kid’s clothing. Plus, nice Lexi Potter will be on hand to introduce the art of origami. Bring the kids and join the celebration!

While you’re in the neighborhood:
Japanese Cultural Community Center Kodomo no hi
Sunday, May 1
11:00 - 5:00 pm
1414 South Weller Street

Experience taiko drumming, dance, games, tea ceremony, food and more. For more information, visit JCCC’s website.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Going Green (or Pink or Blue ...) with Furoshiki

Furoshiki. A simple square of fabric. Uncomplicated yet boundlessly versatile and useful. How very Japanese! 

Furoshiki are used for an infinite number of things – bundling items, wrapping up food (it can work double-duty as your napkin), as a table cover, an elegant way to present a gift, as a head scarf or belt ... the utility of a furoshiki cannot be overstated. One of the things that makes us happiest, though, is the fact that they are so eco-friendly. Furoshiki are the antithesis of disposable or “single-use.” They are meant to be used until they wear out. 

Momo has just received an array of 100% cotton furoshiki from Tokyo. Engagingly graphic in design (we call them Scandinasian), they range from 20" to 40" square. Here’s a peek at more of our whimsical patterns and colors:

Plain or playfully patterned, monochrome or bright, small, medium or large – there is a perfect eco-chic accessory waiting for you. If you’re curious about the various ways to make use of yours, have a gander at this amazing tutorial page or watch this video — fun with furoshiki!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Shape of Spring: It’s All About the Box

This season, the quiet simplicity of the rectangle is squarely a winner. After too many rounds of handkerchief hems, boxy tops, tunics and dresses look fresh and new. Uncomplicated, ageless, elegant — not to forget versatile — we truly love the way spring is shaping up. Here’s a smattering of recent arrivals: 

Fresh from Los Angeles we have Me & Arrow. The black cropped top features Dolman sleeves and a flattering scoop-neck. The second top is slightly longer and boxier, with cuffed half-sleeves. The natural linen color plays well with others!

Made of organic hemp and cotton, this Prairie Underground top is delicately striped, soft as a feather and beautifully breathable. 

Another terrific Prairie Underground piece, this time a dress. With pockets! Available in a navy and white pinstripe.


Me & Arrow again with a  super soft slate/cadet blue tunic. With, you guessed it, pockets! We at Momo truly do love utility. 

So how best to wear the square? Pop a cropped top over a slip dress (one of our favorite secrets, ├╝ber comfortable and no showing/binding at the waist) or pair it with slim pants or jeans. The boxy dress makes a super backdrop for jewelry or a scarf, or if you desire more definition, add a belt. Done!