Monday, April 29, 2013

Retro Cool, Aloha Style

Sipping tropical drinks beneath fluttering palms, strolling on a sun-soaked beach, relaxing in stylish retro short sleeves ... Momo can provide you with one of these fantasy situations — guess which one?

Spring into the aloha vibe with our genuine Hawaiian shirts.

Since 1936, Kahala Sportswear has been producing distinctive, high-quality “Waikiki beach boy” clothing. Their fusion of playful prints and subtle colors make Kahala shirts a great match for Seattle men.

1950’s boomerangs and fish!
Vintage surfboards.

Iolani Sport in black.
IoSport, from 50-year-old family-owned Iolani, provides a brilliant mix of old and new. Mid-century modern detailing paired with antibacterial moisture-wicking fabric make these shirts practical, cutting edge and cool. A handsome stripe and embroidered Tiki head will put you in the mood for a mai tai and some 1950’s lounge music. Okole maluna!
Also in Slate blue. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Size

“Free size” is what “one-size-fits-most” is called in Japan. Here at Momo, we say “It fits who it fits, how it fits ... generally great!” We do our best to provide an array of clothing that is both flattering and accommodating to a variety of body types.

Without further ado, versatile “free size” pieces.
Metalicus textured tank-dress.
AMB ballet-style top with a Metalicus skirt.
Metalicus, an Australian brand, creates clothing with a surprising amount of stretch. This black and white AMB top (paired with a Metalicus skirt) is incredibly comfortable for petite and curvy women alike. Another bonus of one-size stretch is that it makes a congenial travel companion with its easy care and wrinkle-free attitude.
Linen poncho from Kokoro.

 Fresh from Japan, Kokoro’s linen poncho. Luxurious texture and an elegant drape. Throw it on over jeans or a long simple dress and you’re ready to go. Available in Navy and Natural.
And of course the bottom-most layer — Coobie bras. Coobies have a devoted following due to their comfort, fun colors and extreme affordability. Here in MomoLand I have witnessed first-hand how a Coobie will fit everyone from the slender to the buxom. 

A rainbow of Coobies!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Every spring, a minor miracle occurs at Momo: our orchids bloom anew. Gifted to us by thoughtful customers when we opened in 2007, year ’round the tropical plants revel in the shy Seattle sun as they warm in our windows. Nurtured with reverent neglect, they reward us with brilliant blossoms that last for many weeks. Traditionally, orchids represent love and beauty, both of which we feel abundantly blessed by. We see them as symbols of perseverance and renewal — that at Momo, as we carry on, we might bring a bit of hope, happy ... and Hawai'i, into your world.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


two brands that are new to Momo.

For Momo gentlemen: Wolf&Man. These soft 100% cotton shirts are nicely tailored for a slim fit.

For Momo ladies: Jet. A Portland-based brand that melds style with comfort.

A dress with a functional hood!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashionable French Versatility

Akela Key is a French clothing line hailing from Metz, France (located at the tripoint junction of France, Germany and Luxembourg). One of the primary goals of Akela Key is to create affordable, flattering and fashionable clothing for every body type.

This cardigan is a particular favorite of ours — the neutral knit allows for season and color-spanning versatility. In addition ... it can be worn “right side up” or upside down for very different looks.

$109 for all this beauty
Right side up?

Upside down?

A navy blue and ecru cotton tunic makes the spring-to-summer transition nicely. Layer it over sheer sleeves, an extra-long camisole, leggings or skinny jeans.

Freshness for $104

This gauzy, ethereal and deliciously soft cotton and silk tank is generously tailored and adorned with playful leopard print detail. Another perfect piece for layering, it floats around you like a cloud.

Light as a whisper. Shhhh!
So fun for $69