Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby, It’s (Almost) Cold Outside

Momo has begun to receive winter jackets and scarves just in time for the rain, wind and chilly evenings.

Spiewak jackets are among some of our new arrivals. Spiewak is a Brooklyn-based, family owned company that has been producing uniforms (for firemen, police and EMTs) since 1904. In more recent times they’ve branched out to include edgy, stylish and durable streetwear/outerwear for both men and women.

The “Warren”: quilted down but tailored through the waist (nice for those of us who don’t want to resemble the StayPuff Marshmallow Man!), it also has some fabulous details like snapback extended cuffs and a cozy hood. Available in a rich, subtle olive.
Spiewak’s “Warren” quilted down jacket.

The “Beeson” is perfect for the months of drizzle that constitute the Seattle winter. It is waterproof, has a hidden inside drawstring waist and a detachable hood. Fun fillips include a gun flap at the shoulder and a droptail hem, all in a rich navy hue.

Spiewak “Beeson” has a removable hood and structured collar.

Thick, cozy, simple: perfect unisex scarf.
Scarves! Scarves are a wonderful multipurpose accessory, keeping your neck toasty warm AND giving you an opportunity to add a splash of color or texture. And we have a wide variety of weights, colors and materials (cashmere, cashmere/wool, cashmere/wool/silk blends). Come and get cozy at Momo!
Lovely and whimsical wool/cashmere/silk blend.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Momo Helps Keep You Dry

Here at Momo we are lucky enough to have two new arrivals: rain boots from Canadian outdoor footwear company Kamik and...a new awning!

With the combined efforts of Jackson Building owner Paul Murakami, Momo and Joyce P. from the SCIDpda, both Momo and neighbor Kobo were able to install high-tech retractable awnings (that even detect when the wind is blowing and retract themselves!)

In the 1930’s, the original Higo featured simple green awnings over its doors. With the idea of restoring some of the building’s original character and authenticity, a plan was set into motion to recreate a tiny piece of Higo’s past. Here is the lovely result: 

Fancy new awning!

In addition to trying to keep your heads a bit drier, we’d also like to keep your feet dry. Kamik has been a family-run Canadian company for over 100 years. They are devoted to the concept of sustainable, eco-friendly footwear. This is directly from their website:
  • Kamik makes over two million 100% recycled boots per year
  • Kamik boot liners are manufactured using recycled polyester and polypropylene fibres
  • Every product that we make in our injection molding plants in Montreal, QC and Littleton, NH is 100% recyclable
  • Kamik’s injection molding plants use hydro- generated power to run the machines. No fossil fuels are used
  • The machines are cooled with recycled water. A cooling tower on the roof of our plant has a closed-loop distribution system where the water is collected, distributed and recycled and reused
  • Oil used in the hydraulic pumps is filtered, recuperated and reused
  • Boot scraps are collected and reused. Nothing goes to waste
Impressive, no? They are also colorful, cute and will definitely keep you dry (at least, from the knees down). We have two styles: the traditional "Heidi" and the slightly edgier “Olivia”, which is taller and has a side buckle. Momo Girl Angela (that would be me) has the “Olivia” version and plans to wear them whether it is raining or not. 
Sweet and functional rainboots from Kamik

So...come on down to Momo, where we are reconstructing a small piece of Nihonmachi’s rich history. And keeping your toes dry. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Old and New, Japan-style

Today's story: old and new, traditional and modern, antique and contemporary.

Thanks to the Kyoto Art and Antique sale, Mr. Momo was able to acquire a number of lovely antique patinated Buddhas. As the photos demonstrate, the cast iron pieces are intricately detailed and beautifully crafted.

In contrast to the antiquity of the cast iron Buddhas, a new shipment of Tokyo Five tees has arrived - casual, contemporary style with a Japanese flair. The new shirts are dark grey or neutral brown, both of which are perfect for the (someday!) Fall weather.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Momo for Men

Lest we forget 50% of the population, today’s post will feature our newly-arrived men's clothing. Mr. Momo (aka Tom) has chosen some particularly fantastic pieces to herald in the new season.

Momo has received a terrific collection of merino wool and cashmere sweaters and cardigans by New Zealand clothier Rodd & Gunn. Luxuriously soft and built for both comfort and durability, these are a must-have in any winter wardrobe. Here we have a zippered cardigan paired with a shirt made by Montreal-based Report Collection.

Another new shirt by Report Collection is this dark blue plaid. It's versatile enough to be worn casually or with a tie. 
Report Collection is always a classic.

In addition to dapper shirts and sweaters, Momo men have a selection of coats!
First up: a warmup jacket by Bench (layered atop the ever classic Saint James), which features a thin hood rolled and zipped into the collar. Sporty, stylish and functional, all in one sleek package.

Our final Momo Man designer for the day is David Bitton (best known for Buffalo Jeans). Momo has a finely tailored button-up shirt as well as a fitted nylon jacket that has both buttons and a zipper. Notice the smart red detailing on both!
Handsome season-spanning jacket by David Bitton
Happy Monday, everyone!