Thursday, November 14, 2019

Cozy Sole Mates

Back in stock just in time for chilling: our unbelievably popular Hamaguri “Room Socks,” designed and crafted in Japan.

Leave it to the Japanese to create the perfect hybrid between a sock and a slipper — extra cushiony for maximum coziness. Why not change into a pair of Hamaguri when you come home? Not only do they cuddle the feet, they help you leave the outdoors outside, and protect the floors from scuffing. Plus, tiny grips on the bottom ensure that no matter how groggy you are in the morning, you’ll be safe from slipping while shuffling to make your first mug of coffee.

Grippy nubbins.

Each pair is sewn individually on specially designed machines, then carefully hand-embroidered with a contrasting triangle pattern around the ankle. Hamaguri translates to ‘clam’ in Japanese, a subtle reference to the stitched finish, said to resemble the mollusk’s shell. With proper care (gentle machine wash, lay flat to dry) a pair will last through many hours of relaxing wear.

Hand-embroidered "clams" add a nice touch. 

Momo offers more than a few choices. First, there’s the classic room sock that comes in a rainbow of colors for women, as well as navy, cobalt and charcoal for men. Second, we have two more women’s styles in luxuriously soft blends in an array of subtle shades. Thirdly, for the animal aficionado, we’ve got a selection of kawaii animal motifs. Plus, there’s more in store, we’ll share when you get here.

The Classic room sock. This is just a sampling of the colors available.

Little cuties!

Super comfortable, easy-to-fit, highly likely to please, and gentle on the wallet, room socks make terrific gifts for everyone on your list. They’ll think you're a sock star for giving their feet a cozy treat.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Momo Style: A Baker’s Dozen

For our dozenth birthday, we’re offering 12% off all women’s clothing this Friday and Saturday, November 8 and 9. Here’s a quick peek at 12 of our picks, plus one for good luck. We’ll also have a selection of men’s shirts, you’ll have to drop by to check those out!

PS: Okay, we made room for Tom’s man shirts! And there’s more in store!