Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunny Inside

It may be raining in Seattle,
but it’s always bright inside Momo.
Come in to a happy • lucky • life!

Shelter from the storm.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Modern Adornments

At Momo, we believe that versatility equals modernity in clothing and accessories, and that includes jewelry, too. A handful of adaptable, interesting pieces can go a long way in spiffing up a wardrobe and creating a happy • lucky • life.

Fail Jewelry is one of Momo’s latest winning discoveries. Austin, Texas designer Christine Fail creates jewelry that is delicate, feminine and modern. Her adornments are the kind that you love to wear — they will pair well with anything and everything in your wardrobe and are easily layered for a more dynamic look.

Idaho jeweler Sarah Park’s designs embody the spirit of fluidity. Convertible necklaces become dramatic wrap bracelets at a moment's notice.
Functionality is also a Momo priority. A necklace that doubles as a useable knife? Pretty functional! Here is a sample of our current collection from Momo Girl Angela of Flora and Fawn. The tiny treasures range from post-war celluloid knives from Japan to modern mother-of-pearl, stag antler and more, all measuring less than 1-1/4" long. Sweet and dangerously stylish.