Sunday, March 27, 2011

Small Acts, Big Heart

Yesterday, while the big art relief event was being held at Kobo next door, a smaller, yet equally special story of generosity was being told at Momo. Giddens’ grade schooler, Sabine, came to us with $70 in bills and $5 in pennies that she had collected on her own, for our donations jar. When asked about the pennies, Sabine replied that a donor mistakenly thought she was asking for pennies instead of dollars, and gave her 500 pennies. Yes, Sabine, as your T-shirt says, Life is Good, especially with sweet souls like you in this world.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Test Drive Jaipur Avenue

Delicious Jaipur Avenue, new and now at Momo.
Lately I’ve desired to take a break from the usual double-short-2% latte, and along comes entrepreneurial Seattleite Jillu Zaveri with delicious chai options. Which do I love best? The Cardamom or Masala? Saffron or Ginger? And I’m dreaming of Vanilla for summer iced-tea times. Just add water and the gratification is instant: smooth and slightly spicy sweet, the flavors of Jaipur Avenue could easily become my new addiction. The ingredient list is short and simple and a box of 15 packets sells for $15 — that’s just a buck apiece for a lovely chai tea break. The award-winning graphics make it an attractive gift, too. Thank you to food aficionado Ivy Chan of Cocoa Chai Chocolates for making the introduction.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cop-Copine Spring: Fresh + French

Our favorite French fashions have arrived at Momo, just in time to blend in with the dreary Seattle landscape. Nonetheless, we love the shibui shades and ultimate ease the fit, fabric and lovely layers lend to our daily life. Come try it on!