Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Momo for Mama

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching (May 10th)! Put a sparkle in the apple of your eye with a burst of color for Mom on her special day. A vibrant accessory will add a spot of cheer to your mother’s wardrobe — and put a smile on her face.

Warm her heart with a super soft, subtly shaded scarf by Woven of Walla Walla.  Kim Nemeth hand-looms these ethereal accents from silk and bamboo blends, making them a perfect gift for those who find wool or cashmere to be itchy. 

Fiddlehead fern silk and bamboo.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that moms appreciate sweet, thoughtful jewelry. Momo has an entire case of lovingly hand-crafted pieces in a vast array of vivid hues.
Vintage Czech and German glass from i. Ronni Kappos.
Wee enameled whales by Seattle’s Flora and Fawn.

Delicate Japanese seed bead necklace by LA artist Kyyote

So many colors!
And fresh from Amsterdam, our Sticks and Stones handbags are a veritable rainbow of leather. We’re especially fond of the coin-purse inspired cross-body bags.

Please stop by ... and in addition to inspiration and/or advice, we also offer fancy and fanciful gift wrapping! Happy Mother’s Day, with love from Momo.