Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last-Minute Momo

We’re here until 7:30-ish this Thursday (just in case you need us).
We’ll wrap your gifts and make you look good (or at least creative).
We may even serve ‘refreshments’ (if we have enough thirsty shoppers).

No need to wait until then — our regular hours are Mon–Sat, 11–6
Sunday 12–5 (except this Sunday) ... Merry Christmas!

Check off your list with late-breaking gifts for the brother-in-law, to perfect presents for the partner. And if you’re looking for stocking stuffers, hostess thank yous, party favors and more thoughtful-than- expensive options, we have lots of choices. Here are just a few:

Hawaii-inspired Makana candles ($10.50) and Ilee local letterpress calendar ($24)

Fingerless wool gloves ($14) or Meg Cohen cashmere (ours, $59, on the Web, $75 — so much for online savings!)


Snap watches, colorful kitsch ($20)



Neck warmers, from Kyoto bunny balls ($39) to shibori-inspired French pucker scarves ($54)

And Pacific pearls ($25) and Panettone ($2.95 at Momo, $3.99 at QFC, we’re less expensive than the big boys)