Monday, October 20, 2014

Momo ❤ Local: Sarsen and 8telier

Momo would like to introduce you to two of our newest local designers: Sarsen and 8telier. Both are not only nascent at Momo, but also as their own brands of professional clothing design. We’re really excited to be one of the first (of many, no doubt!) boutiques to have their clothing grace our racks, and to be supporting local talent.

The creative mind behind Sarsen is Heather Blanchard. A visual merchandiser for Anthropologie, she has a keen eye for harmonious balance and attention to detail. Her takes on outerwear are both functional (think dense wool blends, cozy plush cottons) and feminine, with details like pointed cuffs and romantic oversized hoods. Heather was featured in the Bellevue Collection’s Independent Runway Show in 2013 – we’ll undoubtedly see her work on the runway again.

A visit from Sarsen's Heather Blanchard.
Sarsen’s “Rider” coat. Little Red Riding Hood for grownups.

Husband and wife duo Jean and Craig are the masterminds behind 8telier. Their tagline is “Elevated Essentials” and it’s obvious how their clothing reflects this philosophy. Many of their pieces can be worn multiple ways for entirely different looks. Convertible clothing: perfect for the practical-minded Seattleite. You'll find a capsule collection of our favorite styles here at Momo. If you’re craving a peek at their full collection, check out their brand new (opening today!) store on the first floor of Pacific Place. Congratulations!

Craig + Jean = 8telier

8telier’s “Anouk” jacket worn two ways for two distinct looks.

Make a trip to the ID for a delicious meal, then pop by Momo to check out some terrific newcomers to the Seattle fashion world. We promise you’ll be as delighted as we are!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Bruce Lee: Boxers or Briefs?

While we at Momo aren’t entirely certain what underpants the iconic Bruce Lee wore, we are certain that he would have chosen MyPakage boxer briefs.

MyPakage is a Vancouver, BC company that is dedicated to creating “the best underwear you’ve ever owned.” Momo has stocked up on their ‘Weekday’ boxer briefs, which feature a 1" no-roll band, a seamless no-rub tag and hand-stitched expandable seams in key regions. They are made from a 95% modal (a recycled plant fiber textile that is 50% more absorbent than cotton) and 5% lycra blend for stretch and comfort.

Soft! Ergonomic! Stylish!
Available in Grey/Purple or Black/Orange. MyPakage is so convinced that you will love their undergarments that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

And speaking of Bruce, while you won’t find intimate details about his tighty whiteys, there are loads of other factoids to discover about the tremendously influential Pacific Asian American. Happily, the Wing Luke Asian Museum’s brand new exhibition is all about Mr. Bruce Lee, actor and martial arts expert who once resided in Seattle. One of only two such exhibitions in the world, there are never-before-seen personal effects, interactive multi-media displays, original press kit materials for his films and a plethora of other fascinating pieces.

Bruce must be wearing comfortable MyPakage briefs in this photo.
So, Momo gentlemen, grab a pair of our MyPakage boxer briefs and explore the new Bruce Lee exhibit in supreme comfort!