Saturday, February 17, 2018

Savings a’ Plenty at Our Good Fortune Sale

With the Year of the Dog comes our semi-annual Good Fortune Sale where we stuff cookies with discounts on already marked down merchandise. Who woulda thunk that canines love the crunchy treats? At Momo, we know what they really crave is the savings within. So, how to play the game?

> Select a SALE article of clothing, accessories or jewelry
> Pick a cookie from our jar of plenty
> Open said cookie, watching out for folded fortune with discount
> Receive an additional 10-30% off
> Go home happy and full of good luck

The Spring Good Fortune Sale runs from today through about two weeks, or until the last cookie crumbles. Shop early for best picks, and check back as new items are added randomly.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for savings:

Prairie Underground shape-shifting dress
Skunkfunk cozy jacket, ours is red!

Skhoop ‘dog walking’ skirts
Cop-copine with pockets!

Let’s face it: we love Cop-copine
Backdrop spring-ready sweater
And so much more, come discover for yourself. See you while you’re saving!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Year O’ De Dog

On February 16th we will usher in the Year of the Dog ... the Earth Dog, to be precise. What does that mean for 2018? Dogs are known for their loyalty, sincerity and cleverness while the earth represents stability and harmony, as well as practicality and hard work. Combine these factors and we should have a year of prosperity and achievement, unity and goodwill.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll take as much harmony and goodwill as we can get! As such, Momo has gathered a collection of curious treats to invite the qualities of the canine into your life.

A perennial favorite: Sweet ceramic cups from Bellingham artist Cary Lane aka The Bowl Maker. We have large and small dogs, as well as a menagerie of other cute critters. Also shown is a tri-fold card made by Momo Mama’s very own sister in Hawaii! Her design firm, Mozaic Paper, created the card  to be used as a luminary (with a battery-powered candle, please).

A litter of little lovelies: Dog patches! Corgis, shiba inus, beagles, French bulldogs, and lovable mutts! We all know some dog fan who would enjoy one (or more) of these iron-on adornments for their messenger bag/backpack/jacket/Converse/laptop case/etc ...

Easy-peasy, just iron it on!

Vanilla, berry and mint flavored.
Do pups have pouts? Despite the mercurial weather, it’s still winter. Going in and out of doors and dealing with constant shifts in humidity and temperature results in dry, chapped lips. Momo to the rescue with three different flavors of pooch lip balm, putting the fun in fun-ctional.

Seeing eye dog: Illuminate the new year with a charming doggie flashlight. Perfect for tucking into your glovebox or near your front door, making it easy to go for walkies in the middle of the night.

Kitschy kitchen canines: We’re cooking up some fun with tea towels in three different designs. The chic Shibas are from local dude Tom Yaguchi, the second tail-waggin’ towel is from Oh! Canada, and the third from Lala’s homeland of Hawaii. You might say we’re doggone nuts over doggie dishtowels.

Made in Seattle!
Pure cotton poochie goodness.
Poi dog ponderings.

Dog Days in the neighborhood:
The Wing Luke Museum
Sunday, February 10 from 10 - 5
Special events include lion dances and dumpling food tours, a coloring contest and divine doggy gifts from the Marketplace. Purchase your tickets in advance at the Wing’s website.
Chinatown/ID Celebration
Sunday, February 11 from 11 - 4
The fun will fill the streets during our new year party, featuring a multitude of cultural activities including traditional Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, Thai and Tahitian dancing, taiko drumming, costume contest and the ever-popular $3 Food Walk! For a complete list of events and times, visit the CIDBIA website.

Whatever your doggy desires, come celebrate with us in the International District. Gung Hei Fat Choy!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

It Is Well : Clothing With a Cause

More and more, we are seeing an increase in the number of companies that are devoting themselves to social consciousness. Ranging from giant corporations like General Electric to tiny owner-operator business (like Seattle’s own Kitten Mittens, who donates a percentage of her sales to a local animal shelter), a focus on helping those in need is becoming more prevalent.

Allow us to introduce you to L.A.-based clothing company It Is Well. We love their simple silhouettes and easy-to-wear fabrics ... and we are especially thrilled with their mission to bring clean drinking water to communities in need all around the world. 10% of It Is Well’s proceeds go to, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building wells in areas where potable water is scarce.

Momo just received a mini collection from It Is Well, and we think you’ll be as pleased with it as we are. For starters, although they are calling this pieces a “long sleeve button down shirt dress,” we think this piece also looks terrific worn as a duster.

And for the pinstripe lover, we have a matching cropped pant:

Classic pinstripe cropped pant. We also stock this
super-soft boxy sweater in a dusty rose pink. 

What happens when you combine these? Fabulousness!

For a more Japanese-esque look, we love pairing this kimono top with the triple layer gauze pants. Sugoi, neh!

So, if you’re thirsting for interesting new style with a purpose, let us introduce you to It Is Well. We think you’ll like it. See you at Momo.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Year, New Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions: Eat healthier, exercise more, drink less, find love, get organized ... the list goes on.

More than 40% of us make New Year's resolutions. Less than 9% of us accomplish them. The reason, according to experts, is that the resolutions are too vague. What’s “healthier?” What, exactly, does “organized” mean? We’re into the second half of January, and already the commitment is beginning to fade!

At Momo, we had a flash of brilliance: why not make clear, easy and fun resolutions? By attaining 100% of your objectives, you’ll feel good about yourself and have a great time doing it! Here are a few suggestions for boosting your self-esteem, right here in the neighborhood. 

“Be a more adventuresome eater” = Try a new restaurant!
Sup Shop – from the Pho Bac family, a new venture that features their classic pho, along with new dishes like sliders, assorted bar snacks, and dessert. And!! they've added wine! 45 selections are currently available.
Go Poké – while Seattle is teeming with poke these days, we firmly believe that our neighborhood poke is some of the best. Made from fresh fish flown in daily from the owners’ family in Hawaii, it’s delicious and healthy.
Tsukushinbo – a long time favorite of ours, this hidden gem serves up some of the tastiest sushi in town.

“Find my personal style” = Wear more exuberant socks!
Spice up your Seattle blacks and greys with fun and funky socks. A semi-secret way to add color, wild patterns and whimsy to your outfit. Momo always has a selection of fanciful/cheerful/bright socks waiting to adorn your feet.

“Make time for fun” = Play more games!
Our absolute favorite place to do this is at the Seattle Pinball Museum. With over 50 pinball machines dating from the 1930’s to current day, we promise that you’ll find one to play over and over. Especially nice features are: (1) with a purchased admission you have unlimited free access to all of the games and (2) beer and more beer.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Peace + Happiness

Sending you vibes of peace and happiness. 
We are taking a day away from the shop and honoring the memory.
See you tomorrow.

xo Momo