Monday, August 27, 2012

Seasons Change

The days are growing shorter, the nights cooler. Soon the sidewalks of Seattle will be littered with brilliant leaves as autumn encroaches.

Here at Momo we've begun to stock up on some of our favorite fall colors by such designers as Only Hearts, Tabisocks and Prairie Underground. Gold and russet, crimson and plum - all of the shades that evoke the crisp coolness of Fall and the pleasures of hot apple cider, corn mazes, the first crackling fires of the season.

Stop by to peruse saturated wine-red petticoats, dark amethyst tulle tops and chocolate brown leggings as well as new Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodies in mulberry and ink-pot (a deep, delicious purple). Stock up on essentials and stay stylish and cozy this Fall!

Lovely autumnal goodies!

Monday, August 6, 2012


Mark your calendars:
Saturday, August 11th from 4pm - 9pm

Japantown will be hosting Nihonmachi Nite! And here at Momo, we will be hosting an extra special, super fun event: Spam-O-Rama! This is our Second Annual Musubi-making Contest.

You may wonder “What is this musubi?” Today is your lucky day, for it is the day of Musubi 101.

First, the ingredients: a typical musubi will consist of Spam, sushi rice, furikake (those tasty sweet/salty sprinkles you often see in Japanese restaurants) and nori. A slice of Spam is fried, often with a splash of teriyaki sauce, then laid atop a pile of sushi rice that has been dusted with furikake. A strip of nori (dried, roasted seaweed) encircles the whole thing, which is pressed into a Plexiglas cube. This is done to compress the musubi into a condensed, portable “sandwich.”

Here is a musubi press:

And this is musubi:

Here is a little history:  Musubi became wildly popular in Hawaii after WWII. Spam was a staple for the troops stationed there and it soon became commonplace in the local cuisine - although musubi is the form one will usually encounter it in. Indeed, many visitors to Hawaii don’t feel fully initiated until they've sought out a musubi (available virtually everywhere) and eaten it!

So. Now that you know more about musubi...won’t you come to Momo this Saturday evening and partake? Better yet, compete! Regardless, everyone is a winner on Nihonmachi Nite.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a Tower of Spam.