Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Layering Season

Our lingering summer has faded into fall ... launching the intermediate ‘layering season.’ Fluctuating temperatures (with nights dipping into the 40s while daytime temps hit 70+) mean that we will be shedding and adding clothing multiple times throughout the course of the day.

Momo is here to help ease you into this mutable time of year with many ‘middle-layers’ – pieces that are warm enough to act as an outer layer during the day while being streamlined enough to fit under your coat when the chill sets in. 

Here are some of our favorites this week: 

Three Stones ‘Reflection’ zip-through sweater has a terrific heft without being bulky. An especially perfect feature for layering is the second zipper, which allows for a a super snug and flattering fit.
Second zipper on the ‘Reflection’ hoodie. 

The ‘Portia’ cardigan by eco-chic Skunkfunk is an incredibly soft, retro-collegiate sweater that will pair with a vast array of outfits.

50% merino wool and 50% cotton, our Damask cardigan is both elegant and practical. It even has a generous hood and deep pockets!

For a super-fitted, super-thin yet insulating middle layer, we have this Bench zippered top/jacket. Stretchy and silky, with sporty inset panels around the shoulders, it is hood-free. 

We love to play around with clothes and layering ideas. Creative layering is one of Momo Mama Lei Ann’s specialties, actually! Pop in and let us demonstrate the versatility of ‘middle layer’ clothing and how to maximize for comfort and utility.