Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last-Minute Momo

We’re here until 7:30-ish this Thursday (just in case you need us).
We’ll wrap your gifts and make you look good (or at least creative).
We may even serve ‘refreshments’ (if we have enough thirsty shoppers).

No need to wait until then — our regular hours are Mon–Sat, 11–6
Sunday 12–5 (except this Sunday) ... Merry Christmas!

Check off your list with late-breaking gifts for the brother-in-law, to perfect presents for the partner. And if you’re looking for stocking stuffers, hostess thank yous, party favors and more thoughtful-than- expensive options, we have lots of choices. Here are just a few:

Hawaii-inspired Makana candles ($10.50) and Ilee local letterpress calendar ($24)

Fingerless wool gloves ($14) or Meg Cohen cashmere (ours, $59, on the Web, $75 — so much for online savings!)


Snap watches, colorful kitsch ($20)



Neck warmers, from Kyoto bunny balls ($39) to shibori-inspired French pucker scarves ($54)

And Pacific pearls ($25) and Panettone ($2.95 at Momo, $3.99 at QFC, we’re less expensive than the big boys)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Selfish Sale Friday, Saturday + Sunday

The holidays will soon be here, time to put aside personal desires and think of giving to others first.

Forget that. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, score the clothes YOU want during the Selfish Sale at Momo. Tax-free, guilt free. 

Last chance before holiday buying begins — save on clothing $40 and up for men and women. Shop brands like Scott James, Report, 7 Diamonds, Saint James, Pendleton and Nau for men; Cop-Copine, Bench, Sunlight, Deca, Only Hearts, Prairie Underground and Spiewak for women. Get dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, the infamous Office Party, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah festivities, and if you think that far ahead, how about New Year’s Eve? Or just a smart time to treat yourself to that Prairie Underground hoodie or Saint James sailor shirt. Some restrictions apply, but not many.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Secret Warehouse Sale Starts Tomorrow

Twice a year, Kyoto Art and Antiques opens its warehouse doors for 11 days only, revealing global treasures collected over the past six months. Anybody who’s anybody can be seen standing in the line that snakes its way into the off-the-radar event starting tomorrow in Georgetown. If you are a lover of all-things Asian, see you at the sale!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Point of Light from Paris

Customer Darla asked us to let her know when the fresh fall colors of Trois Petits Points Paris lockets arrived at Momo. Today the postman swooped in with a hand-addressed box containing the marvelous medallions in surprisingly pop colors, swinging from bright gold 30-inch chains, so here they are. From left: purple, bourgogne, moutarde, peacock bleu, noir, rouille and taupe. The true colors are a bit more subdued, with the purple looking a tinch violet and the rouille (rust) not quite so orange. Altogether it’s another happy statement from artist Emilie. Let us know if we can set one aside for you.

[Trois Petits Point Paris Locket, $98]

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lady Konnyaku Brings Japan Street Style to Momo

The Final Nihonmachi Nites of 2011
Saturday, September 10 from 5:00 - 8:00
Lady Konnyaku Trunk Show at Momo

Meet Malia Peoples, the hapa honey who puts her own spin on Harajuku fashion with a Pacific Northwest twist. She’ll be mingling at Momo, sharing her sustainable style sensibility during our last blast of the season. In keeping with our happy*lucky*life, we’re fortunate to host the busy Lady Konnyaku — clothing designer, artist and teacher/mentor at New York Fashion Academy. 

The rest of the neighborhood will be hopping with activity, too, as Japantown joins forces in creating summer fun. The long-anticipated 519 Art Studios (519artstudios.com) will be opening, featuring a new gallery, Prole Drift. Participate in a painting party at the Cullom Gallery, attend a show at Kobo or get a spontaneous tattoo at Tiger Tiger. Plus discover other eats and treats, all around the block. As the lights go down, the Main Street stage will showcase music and performance art, culminating in the showing of Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. For more information, go to www.nihonmachinites.com.

As the unofficial ID concierge, I’d like to share the following tidbits,
noshing being one of Momo’s favorite pastimes:
- Fuji Bakery has delectable French-inspired Japanese pastries
- The Panama Hotel serves up beautifully crafted coffee cocktails

- You can order the full menu at the bar at Maneki (no waiting!)
- Red Lantern is a hidden gem of Chinese/Korean/French fusion

- Despite no sign, fans find Tsukushinbo, loved for its authenticity
- Customize your bento box at Fuji Sushi, great value, many choices
- Kaname’s Happy Hour (5-6:30) is a winner, try a shochu martini

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spam: The Movie

Finally, the movie that’s on everyone’s summer Hot List — Spam-O-Rama. After one month of intensive editing, our media department is ready to release the Hawaii-style food adventure. Slated to show at Sundance and Caan, we’re giving our loyal customers a sneak preview. And as an added treat, we’ve pestered Miko, innovator of the featured fried musubi, into sharing her recipe for a new classic. In her own words, here it is.

Skewer fried Spam onto stick (we used bamboo chopsticks)
Use a sushi bamboo roller and roll it with rice and nori on the outside (make sure the whole thing is secure! It will be kinda heavy)
Heat up oil in a pan (we used canola oil)
Dip your Spam-roll-on-a-stick into tempura batter (ration: 1 egg + 1 cup soda water + 1 cup flour), then into panko breadcrumbs
Put into hot oil and cook until the batter is golden

Oh! Stay so ono! A big thank you to all who joined in the fun. Until next can-o-Spam — aloha!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Saturday, July 9: Spam-O-Rama

No miss Japantown fun, “Nihonmachi Nites,”
Satahday, July 9 wit Spam-O-Rama at Momo

Okay, so we keep dis to da point:
Momo fun going happen from 6-8 including musubi contest, if you like entah, see da scoop below*
Leland (not our Leland) and friends going play Hawaii kine ukulele
Uddah stuff going be happening around da Japantown ‘hood
Godzilla 2000 movie going staht aroun’ dusk (9:45-ish) in da pakking lot at 5th and Jackson
Foa little moa info, check dis out: nihonmachinites.com, and dis too: seattlechinatownid.com

* Scoop on da Musubi Making Contest:
Momo give you one can Spam if you like. Pick up befoh da contest, or we give you one back dat night. At home, make your best, most ono-licous kine Spam musubi like your granma use to to, or make up your own kine. Bring dem into Momo, make enuf for da judges to try, so come wit at least tree musubi, moa would be okay, too. Be at Momo by 6:00. Yes, we going give prizes including Momo gift certificates, you bet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eyebobs Trunk Show - Saturday, June 11

Over 104 pairs to choose from including sunglasses.
Wendy and Nan looking nerdy.
Eyebobs Readers Trunk Show
This Saturday, June 11, 12 - 5
Wendy will kill me for putting this picture of her online, but what the heck, she looks so geek chic in Eyebobs readers. It’s all part of the gee, to try on a new look and make fun of each other. On hand will be more pairs than you ever imagined, from readers to sun readers to sunglasses without magnification, from pink to green to tortoise for the truly nerdy — over 104 styles. Plus, we’ll be serving Jaipur Avenue chai tea while we read small-print books and admire ourselves. Come join us and you’ll see better, we promise!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Neighbors

The International District is a diverse community full of interesting neighbors. Case in point: one of the newest members, seven-week old Ketel, furry friend of Momo customer Erik with a K. As the weather warms, no doubt you will spot the adorable mini Schnauzer strolling the streets, towing his equally charming owner at the end of the leash. Happy summer, indeed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

We Be Jammin’

JamFest is back, starting this Saturday and will be held the third Saturday of May, June, July and August. The Wing Luke’s music festival is like a progressive dinner, with Jazz as an app at one International District restaurant, and folk for a main at another. Learn more at the Wing’s website by clicking on the link above. This time around, Momo will be open until 7:00, so stop by if you’re strolling through.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Momo for Mom-o

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8. Momo will be open from noon - 5:00, come and say hello to Leland. Shopping around for a little something to say, “I love you,” or perhaps “Not bad for an old girl”? Just to get started, here’s a list of our favorites.

Locally created Jaipur Avenue Chai in Saffron or Ginger, 15 servings, $15

Cotton voile sarong scarf from India, so versatile, $59

Locally concocted Sweet Petula soap in a bouquet of scents like
Vintage Peony, White Gardenia and Pink Garden Rose, $9

Locally crafted Little Shirley bud vase in a spectrum of lovely colors, $20

Linen furoshiki bag from Japan, in charcoal Mori or Hanabi design, $66

Silk jewelry storage roll, smart for travel, $32

Tokyo Milk hand crème in Dead Sexy, Kabuki or Gin and Rosewater, $19

Enamel locket from France in Spring shades of coral, lime tree, taupe, pale pink, light grey, white, blue or midnight suspended on a gilded chain, $88

Granite Japanese Jizo path marker, circa late Edo Period, $895

Friday, April 29, 2011

Peek-a-boo Pikachu

At Sakura-con 2011, Pikachu was on the hips and the lips of many an attendee. He’s a Momo favorite, too. Happy, lucky, life!

Pikachu and his trainer.

Multiplying like bunnies.

Looking a little forlorn.

But always a happy guy.

Pikachu just makes you smile.

A major fan.

Yellow! I’m shy.

I’m the tallest Pikachu around.

Pikachu as pillow.

And I’m the smallest.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Super Kawaii Fashion Sensation @ Momo!

6%DOKIDOKI of Tokyo Special Appearance
Wednesday, April 20 from 4:00 – 4:30
Join us for Fashion Fun, Photo Opps + Autographs

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Small Acts, Big Heart

Yesterday, while the big art relief event was being held at Kobo next door, a smaller, yet equally special story of generosity was being told at Momo. Giddens’ grade schooler, Sabine, came to us with $70 in bills and $5 in pennies that she had collected on her own, for our donations jar. When asked about the pennies, Sabine replied that a donor mistakenly thought she was asking for pennies instead of dollars, and gave her 500 pennies. Yes, Sabine, as your T-shirt says, Life is Good, especially with sweet souls like you in this world.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Test Drive Jaipur Avenue

Delicious Jaipur Avenue, new and now at Momo.
Lately I’ve desired to take a break from the usual double-short-2% latte, and along comes entrepreneurial Seattleite Jillu Zaveri with delicious chai options. Which do I love best? The Cardamom or Masala? Saffron or Ginger? And I’m dreaming of Vanilla for summer iced-tea times. Just add water and the gratification is instant: smooth and slightly spicy sweet, the flavors of Jaipur Avenue could easily become my new addiction. The ingredient list is short and simple and a box of 15 packets sells for $15 — that’s just a buck apiece for a lovely chai tea break. The award-winning graphics make it an attractive gift, too. Thank you to food aficionado Ivy Chan of Cocoa Chai Chocolates for making the introduction.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cop-Copine Spring: Fresh + French

Our favorite French fashions have arrived at Momo, just in time to blend in with the dreary Seattle landscape. Nonetheless, we love the shibui shades and ultimate ease the fit, fabric and lovely layers lend to our daily life. Come try it on!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silvana Segulja

Momo is severing up silver platter earrings from Silvana Segulja
Meet Silvana Segulja, our newest designer of self-adornments. Her passion for jewelry making was ignited when her sister, returning from many years of living in exotic climes, presented her with a shoebox brimming with stones and findings she collected throughout her
Silvana shares a favorite piece
travels. That was over ten years ago, and today, in Silvana’s diverse array of necklaces and earrings, you can see influences from around the globe, including that of her Croation origin. In her north Seattle studio, she envisions her creations in semi-precious stones and pearls, sterling silver or gold vermeil, and sets about to make those daydreams a reality until she’s happy with the end result. Lately, the concurrent caterer’s been experimenting with silver platters — not for serving but for wearing, shaping them into amazingly lightweight earrings, accented with a dangling stone or pearl. 

[Silvana Segulja jewelry, $72 - $189]

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hoppy Year of the Rabbit!

The Lunar New Year begins Thursday, February 3, 2011
The gentle Bunny is most welcome after the torrid year of the Tiger. Now we may rest our souls and prop up our pretty feet, taking time out to enjoy a wave of peace and calm. 
'Maneki Bunny' by Toni Yuly
Tact and diplomacy will be practiced at home and in political arenas, with happy compromise reached easily and without animosity. Instead of striving for what isn’t, the Rabbit’s contemplative mood will have us appreciating what is, whether that is good health, a loving family, or devoted friends. In this hour of contentment, we must refrain from self-indulgence and procrastination. 

A reality check will have us hop to it, ensuring that we continue to take care of our self and the business at hand. In the year of the lucky Bunny it may seem that money’s not as tight, parking is plentiful, and everyone is a wee more relaxed. Intimacy is our carrot as human relationships take the spotlight, from one-to-one romances (Rabbits crave companionship) to issues of global heath and poverty. Culture, arts and entertainment will flourish as the refined Rabbit always enjoys an evening out. Paradoxically, we will continue to be concerned with living green while not skimping on life’s true luxuries.

All in all, 2011 is a year of hope and happiness. Let your hare down and dabble in some old-fashioned fun!

Monday, January 24, 2011

International Online

A photo borrowed from Elle Brazil.
The other day I received an email enquiry from across the world — an enterprising Swiss-Vietnamese jewelery designer found Momo on the the blog of one of our vendors, Trois Petits Points Paris, purveyor of  beautiful French enamel lockets ($88). Right now we are clean out of them, awaiting a shipment just in time for Valentine’s Day. We love the sleek and simple oval that opens up to reveal secrets inside. And the colors, trés fabuleux! We are the only shop in Seattle and one of few in the U.S. to offer them. As for the other jeweler, well, who knows, we may soon be showing a collection fresh from Switzerland.