Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Happy New Year! Time Rolls On

The New Year is the perfect time for a change, so Momo is pleased to welcome a new batch of cute and quirky clocks from Tokyo Bay.

In 1991, the company was established as a collaboration between two designers: one hailing from Japan and one from the San Francisco area. They now create their whimsical clocks and watches in Minneapolis (very Momo of them, as Mr. T hails from there!) With their focus on bright, happy colors and fanciful products, Momo has long been a fan of their tiny timepieces.

For time that seems to zip by: a motorcycle clock (that actually rolls!):

Also available in red.

Do you have a cat lover in your life? This little clock is purr-fect. Its body is a Slinky, too!

Who remembers rotary phones? For those feeling a tinge of nostalgia, these old-school telephones might bring a smile:

Also available in black and red. 

Perhaps the most iconic of our Tokyo Bay clocks: the Tokibot! Momo has one that will surely please a UW Husky fan; it’s sporty as can be in purple and gold.

“Go Huskies!”

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Skhoop Skirt Seven Day Special!

Here comes Skhoop Scandinavian sport-to-street clothing, a grand slam for the Seattle city dweller. Perfect for the cold and rain, yet flattering and chic, it’s ideal for dog walking, urban hiking, and bike commuting. Machine washable, tumble dry-able, windproof and water resistant, Skhoop pretty much does it all. Plus, it has pockets! What could make it better?

A Seven-day Special Sale! That’s right, Momo is momentarily discounting our Skhoop skirts and vests until January 18th ... 20% off lots of styles and sizes to choose from, all in reliable Seattle black.

Let’s start with a great basic, the Karin mini. Thin polyester padding keeps the tush toasty without adding bulk, while side stretch panels and a full-zipper lend comfort, ease and a certain modernity.  Pop it over leggings or skinny jeans and off you go. Available in XS, S or M.

Karin is clean and simple.

Cute rear view!

For year-round wear, try the Adventure skirt – we have an XS, S or M in the mini version, and only one S left in a short version. Super stretchy scuba-esque fabric, side zip, zippered front pocket and belt loops create a skirt that is ready for anything.

Adventure 365 days of the year.

Then there’s the Rebecka skirt – double zips, thick and down-filled, stretchy side gussets. This is an amazing skirt for bicyclists and is on hand in S or M.

The Rebecka is a little puffier.

Last, and least in coverage but most in cute! is the iconic teeny Mini skirt – featuring a double zip front, you can literally wrap this around, zip it closed and walk out the door. It makes any top into a tunic by adding just a wee bit of visual length. Great for tossing on over leggings for that quick jaunt to the store or yoga class. Available in S or M.

Classic Mini, favorite of Momo Mama Lala.

PS: one left of the Original featuring long zippers on either side.
Ideal for taking long strides (for those who have speedy dogs!).

Next up, vests! The Jen is extra long, quilted, double zip, lightweight, cozy! A shiny silver zipper dresses it up, making it stylish enough to wear over jeans and a thick thermal sweater, to head out for a day of exploring the town. Available in S or M.

The Jen 

Then there’s the Debbie vest  –  much like the Jen, but a little longer, and with a serious hood. You’ll be impervious to the wind and rain, guaranteed. Available in S or M.


Brrrrrrr!!!!! Did you know that January is Seattle’s most frigid and dampest month? It’s an excellent time to take advantage of our sweet Skhoop sale — get ’em while it’s cold!