Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Good Stud Is Hard to Find!

Why are hand-crafted, artful stud earrings so difficult to find?
Search for studs no more — Momo has just received a fresh batch
of delightfully creative stud earrings from Contagious of Nashville. Contagious’ (aka Ruth Zelanski) jewelry is inspired by science and nature — everything from the beautiful and bizarre Acetabularia
to molecules and mold.

Here’s a small sample of what we have!

Claws. Rowr!
Tiny sterling leaves

“Segmentation” studs

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It wasn’t that long ago that writing a letter — a real letter with a real pen on real paper — wasn’t considered anachronistic. In these digital times, however ... it’s a different story. Now days, it’s a rare thing for many of us to receive a letter or card (barring the obvious holiday cards, of course).

Wooster & Prince stationery
Having said that —who can deny the sudden surprise, delight and happiness that seeing a hand-written missive in the mailbox evokes? It’s like getting a little present. A thoughtful, hand-made one, at that.

teNeues card sets are too cute
Momo can help you bring a little ray of sunshine into someone’s life via a card, a note, a letter. We have an assortment of cards: letterpress by Smock, sweet sets from teNeues, stationery from Wooster & Prince as well as a wide array of single cards.

Don’t forget a pen! Sakura blossoms top these adorable ball-points: 
spring flowers bring ... love letters?
Adding a little something ‘extra’ ups the ante quite a bit. At Momo we like to embellish letters and gifts. Cute, whimsical tape? Retro french-inspired stickers? These make things pretty much instantly adorable. 

everyone loves stickers!

modes of transportation for your letter?
If the nostalgic part of you misses letter writing ... the physicality of it — the texture of the paper, the glide of a pen or the faint scratch of a pencil, the satisfaction of sealing an envelope and pressing a stamp onto its corner ... or if you simply want to brighten someone’s day, consider reviving the ancient tradition of letter-writing. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fresh From London and NYC

Momo is excited to inform our Dear Readers that we are now carrying work by London-based jeweler Rachel Essex. Whimsical, colorful and utterly charming, her pieces are the perfect pop of color to brighten the Seattle “neutral” wardrobe.

Rachel frequents antique fairs, flea markets and thrift shops in London and Paris in search of vintage lucite and bakelite buttons and components. As a result, many of her pieces have one-of-a-kind buttons or beads.

Rachel Essex Jewelry can be found at Anthropologie in London and at Cath Kidson ... and now Momo! She was sweet enough to customize a Momo-exclusive collection — the only of Rachel’s jewelry to be found in the US.

The sweetest cherries..

can you spy the little bunny?

Don’t fret, Momo men! We've got you covered — with our latest order of NY Hat Co. hats. The “Pub Cap” in black or brown plaid, classic canvas “Rexy,” grey plaid linen “Gatsby” or the straw “Diamond Crown.”

the already-dapper Maurice looks particularly handsome in the “Rexy”