Monday, September 24, 2012

Heaven-sent Scents

Greetings from Momo!

Today's guests are Fabulous Fragrances for both body and home.

First, from local girl Cory Smith: Sweet Petula soaps. Sumptuous lather and scents, elegantly packaged - these are great for a tiny self-indulgence or as a gift.

Next up is a personal favorite of Momo Girl Angela: Tokyo Milk. This brand features an impressive array of perfumes ranging from delicate florals to sensuous musk. Momo carries both the parfum and the hand creme.

Now on to treats for the Home.

Makana candles smell good enough to eat. These candles are hand-crafted from non-toxic sustainable materials. The scents don't fade over time and they are self-contained in pretty little tins.

If you're looking for a more immediate change in your environment, Momo carries Esteban room sprays and incense - Japanese-inspired and straight from France.
Happy Monday, everyone!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Fashion Fresh From France

Momo has just received the Fall lines from Paris. Cop Copine, Sunlight and Deca - incredibly elegant, yet completely wearable (even for the casual Pacific Northwest).

Here are a few of our favorites, in no particular order:

 Two pieces from Sunlight: a sweet, versatile dress paired with a skirt laden with feminine flounces and ruffles.
Detail of adjustable ruche and skirt.

The dress has a zipper that zips both from the top -and- the bottom, allowing maximum adjustability. In addition, there are buttons on the bottom hem that enable the wearer to change the degree of the ruching.

A richly textured mod dress from Cop-Copine, this features a '60's vibe and playful oversized buttons on the back.

Another dress by Sunlight, this also features a zipper that zips from both top and bottom. Sweet-as-sugar ruffles adorn the chest.

Sunlight and Deca make a perfect couple.
Here is the same dress with a gauzy Deca hoodie layered overtop.