Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beyond Summer

Ah, linen. Woven into its flaxen fibers is the memory of sun-washed days, cool breezes and life without a wrinkle. Come summer’s end, many of us say goodbye to our linen garments, folding them away until spring springs again.

But there’s so much more to this ancient fabric that makes it wearable year ’round. In milder climates, such as Seattle, fashionable sorts look to linen for casual ease, durability and to add elegant and interesting texture to our layers of clothing. With its smooth, silken quality, linen resists stains, and is easy to clean. Anti-static and quick to warm up, it’s also ideal for days when the weather turns cold and dry. Plus, production of linen is sustainable, making it popular in this eco-chic Pacific Northwest.

A recent convert to living in linen, Momo Mama Lei Ann is tireless in her pursuit of unique, beautifully-crafted examples. And her treasure hunting has paid off in Lithuanian designer Blue Naive’s handmade-to-order simple-yet-flattering shift styles, stitched up in sumptuous linen. We’re especially tickled with the ever-practical deep front pockets featured on both of these new arrivals.

Luxurious linen “Little Summer Dress” direct from Lithuania.

“Deep Summer” linen half-sleeved shift. 
Come down and try one of these sweet frocks on — we’re sure that you will adore them as we do. And, we’ll share tips on how to utilize layering to wear them into fall and beyond ... making sure it is a long and happy love affair.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Good Fortune Sale Now in Session

Confucius say, wise person takes advantage of extra savings on sale clothing at Momo. Pick your item, then pick your cookie stuffed with an additional 10-30% off. Only you can determine your discount destiny. Here’s how it works:
  • Decide that you need to go home with a Sale item. 
  • Bring said Sale item to the counter. 
  • Pick a tasty, crunchy fortune cookie out of a jar and open it.
  • Inside is a special fortune giving you an ADDITIONAL 10% - 30% off of the sale price!
  • Eat cookie. Do not eat fortune
  • Go home happy.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just in for the Momo Man

& Sons - updated classics.
New at Momo and in the United States: Toronto-based & Sons, a recently launched shirt maker, purveys timeless wardrobe staples. & Sons’ focus on updated classics will complement anyone's wardrobe. We love the fact that the fine fabrics are designed in-house and produced ethically in small scale mills and sewing facilities.

Lush, textural textiles.
A perennial favorite, Bench, was originally inspired by the skateboarding culture in Manchester, England. The brand has evolved to offer contemporary designs with broad appeal based on functionality and durability, still with a stylist nod to its origins in the streets. Bench outerwear offers the perfect weight and layer options for our NW Fall and Winter weather.

Bench ‘Cardio’ zip-thru layered over & Sons blue checker.

‘Residence’ jacket has four over-sized patch pockets and side slash pockets.
So gents (or discerning partners of gents) – get a jump-start on your Fall fashion with the newest arrivals at Momo. See you soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Season-spanning Kurti

Dolma kurti tunic in Orient Red with black accents. 
Derived from the Persian language, the word “kurta” (or kurti, when worn by women), means ‘a collarless shirt.’ Originally from India, the simple cotton top was always a staple garment of the country’s peasant class. But international designers caught on to the stylish comfort and flattering silhouette, creating kurti for movie stars and runway models, elevating the humble tunic to aspirational attire.

Today this classic has come to represent easy elegance — and in our opinion, ideal ‘transitional’ clothing. Floaty lightweight cotton is perfect for the remaining hot days of summer, while the loose fit and long sleeves make it an excellent piece for layering when the weather cools. Pair with lightweight cotton capris for the hot days, or a cami, jeans and an over-sized cozy cardigan for the coming chill of fall. 

At Momo, we offer a number of affordable kurti under $60: three from Dolma Handicrafts, hand-made, ethical and sustainable 100% cotton printed with bold, ethnic-flavored patterns. And one from New York’s Meg Cohen, also pure cotton, with a dramatic marbleized pattern in shades of navy, dark mauve and slate blue.

Detail of our Dolma Blue Leaf motif.
We love Dolma’s take on a traditional Japanese pattern.

Ever tasteful Meg Cohen's more subdued kurti.
Detail of the lush marbleized fabric.
Season-spanning clothing is an essential in Seattle, where spring flows into summer into fall, often gently and over a long period of time. Kurti tunics will add a touch of polish to your ‘Seattle practical’ wardrobe, starting today and well into tomorrow.