Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bling for Your Fingers

During the Depression, bakelite bangles came into being to brighten the wardrobe without breaking the bank —today’s rendition of well-executed ‘cheap and cheerful’ comes from L.A.’s Skinny Jewelry. Bauble-licious bubbles and bands are made of a durable enamel and floating double finger rings are set with genuine Swarovski crystal. Fun, flirty and fabulous, they look more spendy than they actually are, making these rings ideal girlfriend gifts (!)

[Jessica Elliot Skinny Jewelry rings, $30 - $58]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Modern Furoshiki

The functional furoshiki, historically used for bundling and carrying daily needs, makes an eco-chic statement in this rendition from Majikiriya. We love the elegant ease of high-grade linen (one of nature’s sturdiest fabrics) and handy size — roomy enough for toting life around, but not bag-lady big. The ingenious design ties at the top to fashion a handle. Miss Jessica is showing off the charcoal hue, the abstract pattern also comes in a fresh sky blue (see Sam, below).
Sam came shopping with her furoshiki, a gift from boyfriend Nick who secretly purchased it after Sam fell in love with it upon seeing it at Momo. She carried it on a trip around New York City and it made a terrific travel companion, yeah!

[Majikiriya linen furoshiki bag, $66]