Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inside Out

Functional, fashionable + fun: three F-words that we use to describe our Momo Girl goods. This week a tiny box arrived from US-made Only Hearts. Out of the carton sprung twenty pieces of clothing, including this wrinkle-free reversible jersey tank and skirt, testimony to the travel-savvy nature of the brand. Jessica and I dressed the twins to show off the possibilities of black to heather grey and back again. The tee-shirt-like material is ultra-soft and comfortable as well as slightly sexy. Add a nod to spring with a few Luachea blossom brooches, toss on a dread + pom pom scarf and we’re ready to go.

[Only Hearts two-sided, double-layer tank, $94 and skirt, $98; Luachea brooches, $24 - $28; Fredd + Basha scarf, $39]

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  1. Great to meet you last night! I'll be in soon to check out all things Momo. xoxo