Sunday, August 8, 2010


Many thanks to the Happy Hour Hooptinis for stopping traffic in front of Momo during our August JamFest. Popeye and Birdie showed us how to hoop it up as they gently gyrated with hoops on hips. Cars beeped and passerbys jumped through hoops to be a part of the summer fun. 
Popeye makes it look oh-so-easy.

Give us a hug, Birdie!
A quick change of costume ... love the lanterns.
Talk about lighting up the International District.
Kobo jumps in ...

 ... and Momo Mama.

The always-elegant Vanessa goes for a spin.
Alex takes over where the Hooptinis leave off.
Bill, the hapa hooper makes his own hoops.
Thank you to all who came to see the JamFest Hooptinis. See you at the next Momo hoopla.

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