Monday, May 7, 2012

More Summer Fun!

Our happy Momo couple models some of our latest summer goods. Gentleman Momo deftly shows off a Report Collection shirt, checked in handsome shades of blue. The cotton/linen blend gives it a lovely texture. Lady Momo is wearing a fantastic new skirt made by La Fee Verte. 100% knit linen and...wait for has POCKETS. Yes! Paired with this sumptuous skirt is a Metalicus tank dress and a TriColor scarf made by local designer Tuesday Scarves. 

Momo has also recently received a batch of wrap skirts by Zand Amsterdam. If you're feeling feisty, funky or seeking something totally unique, you should check these out. Snap closures ensure one-size-fits-nearly-all; they are colorful, adjustable, reversible (both the skirt portion AND the unzippable belt!) and come with a detachable mutli-compartment pouch. 

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