Monday, August 6, 2012


Mark your calendars:
Saturday, August 11th from 4pm - 9pm

Japantown will be hosting Nihonmachi Nite! And here at Momo, we will be hosting an extra special, super fun event: Spam-O-Rama! This is our Second Annual Musubi-making Contest.

You may wonder “What is this musubi?” Today is your lucky day, for it is the day of Musubi 101.

First, the ingredients: a typical musubi will consist of Spam, sushi rice, furikake (those tasty sweet/salty sprinkles you often see in Japanese restaurants) and nori. A slice of Spam is fried, often with a splash of teriyaki sauce, then laid atop a pile of sushi rice that has been dusted with furikake. A strip of nori (dried, roasted seaweed) encircles the whole thing, which is pressed into a Plexiglas cube. This is done to compress the musubi into a condensed, portable “sandwich.”

Here is a musubi press:

And this is musubi:

Here is a little history:  Musubi became wildly popular in Hawaii after WWII. Spam was a staple for the troops stationed there and it soon became commonplace in the local cuisine - although musubi is the form one will usually encounter it in. Indeed, many visitors to Hawaii don’t feel fully initiated until they've sought out a musubi (available virtually everywhere) and eaten it!

So. Now that you know more about musubi...won’t you come to Momo this Saturday evening and partake? Better yet, compete! Regardless, everyone is a winner on Nihonmachi Nite.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a Tower of Spam.

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