Monday, October 1, 2012

Momo for Men

Lest we forget 50% of the population, today’s post will feature our newly-arrived men's clothing. Mr. Momo (aka Tom) has chosen some particularly fantastic pieces to herald in the new season.

Momo has received a terrific collection of merino wool and cashmere sweaters and cardigans by New Zealand clothier Rodd & Gunn. Luxuriously soft and built for both comfort and durability, these are a must-have in any winter wardrobe. Here we have a zippered cardigan paired with a shirt made by Montreal-based Report Collection.

Another new shirt by Report Collection is this dark blue plaid. It's versatile enough to be worn casually or with a tie. 
Report Collection is always a classic.

In addition to dapper shirts and sweaters, Momo men have a selection of coats!
First up: a warmup jacket by Bench (layered atop the ever classic Saint James), which features a thin hood rolled and zipped into the collar. Sporty, stylish and functional, all in one sleek package.

Our final Momo Man designer for the day is David Bitton (best known for Buffalo Jeans). Momo has a finely tailored button-up shirt as well as a fitted nylon jacket that has both buttons and a zipper. Notice the smart red detailing on both!
Handsome season-spanning jacket by David Bitton
Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Oohh I can't wait till payday to come in...

    1. Hi T, thanks for your comment and happy to be of service. Hopefully you'll have many pay days to come. xo lala