Monday, November 5, 2012

Sail-Inspired Bags

AU waxed cotton, handsome and rugged

Modern-day fabric waxing evolved during the 1920s. Initially developed as a way to make boat sails water-resistant, durable and breathable, it quickly became a popular way to treat clothing and other outdoor gear. Perhaps one of the most appealing qualities of waxed cotton and canvas is that it becomes more attractive the more it is used.

Momo is pleased to have new waxed cotton bags - waterproof and stylish, perfect for the inevitable rain.

On the more masculine side: AU bags from Maine. These are all from their aptly named “Sail Wax” line. Shown here are the “Dopp” (perfect for a shaving kit and other assorted toiletries), the “Attache” (a cross-shoulder strap will help distribute the weight of your laptop) and the “Tote.”  Not pictured is the handsome and large “Bogie,” a classic overnight/carry-on bag. All have rugged leather straps and zipper enclosures.

xobruno - versatile and attractive!
On the more feminine side of the spectrum we have xobruno (“Bruno” being the maiden name of designer Michelle's grandmother). We have the “Kilim” a woven wool and twill tote, and the “Alvar,” a wonder of versatility that can be used as a backpack, tote, shoulder bag, or rucksack!

Designer Michelle Kline is a Portland, OR-based designer who makes her xobruno bags by hand. These are quite possibly the most intelligently designed, ergonomic bags that this Momo Girl has seen.

Happy Monday from MomoLand!

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