Monday, November 24, 2014

Woven: The Fabric of Our Lives

Through the years of owning Momo, I’ve come to appreciate textiles, not just as the material of the clothing we wear, but as a form of functional art. The Japanese (and yes, I speak as an outsider to a culture from whence I came, but am still a tourist), are masters of simplicity in transforming a mundane square of fabric into an amazingly utilitarian item. Behold the furoshiki, in this case, a 36" rectangle of cotton that can bundle a present, morph into a table cloth, or in case of chill, be worn as a scarf. Sou Sou of Kyoto makes this practical article into a true gift with their happy graphic patterns.

If you’d like to appreciate the talents of Sou Sou on a smaller scale, we offer handkerchiefs, or what some folks use as napkins. 

Or for the specialist in your life, the ultimate textile treasure, the Omusubi bag, for wrapping up that delicious rice.

From Vancouver, Canada, we present the fabulous fabrics of adorable Danica Designs. In this case, lovely linens make drying dishes a pleasure. We give a hoot about you and want to make chores fun!

We love eco-chic cloth napkins. Phooey on paper.

And most of all, when we visited Kyoto, super kawaii bags were everywhere. We are happy to have a few (in this case, just two) for you to use for whatever you please. Yay for material goods!

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