Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Going Green (or Pink or Blue ...) with Furoshiki

Furoshiki. A simple square of fabric. Uncomplicated yet boundlessly versatile and useful. How very Japanese! 

Furoshiki are used for an infinite number of things – bundling items, wrapping up food (it can work double-duty as your napkin), as a table cover, an elegant way to present a gift, as a head scarf or belt ... the utility of a furoshiki cannot be overstated. One of the things that makes us happiest, though, is the fact that they are so eco-friendly. Furoshiki are the antithesis of disposable or “single-use.” They are meant to be used until they wear out. 

Momo has just received an array of 100% cotton furoshiki from Tokyo. Engagingly graphic in design (we call them Scandinasian), they range from 20" to 40" square. Here’s a peek at more of our whimsical patterns and colors:

Plain or playfully patterned, monochrome or bright, small, medium or large – there is a perfect eco-chic accessory waiting for you. If you’re curious about the various ways to make use of yours, have a gander at this amazing tutorial page or watch this video — fun with furoshiki!


  1. I like the white with green leaf design. It's so refreshing! I use Furoshiki to design and wrap my gifts lately. So fab and glamorous. It gives you the chance to give gifts with a personal touch. Thanks!!

    1. Hi there Aika, thank you for reading our blog and appreciating the ideas. Yes, furoshiki is amazing, more people need to know about it! Aloha, xo lala