Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Double Discount = Double Happiness!

The Momo Good Fortune Sale is On Now

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles!” is how it goes with our fame-ish semi-annual sale-on-a-sale. It’s a fun game of chance, with everyone a winner — and you get to determine your destiny. Here’s how to play:
• Decide that you need to go home with a SALE item.
• Bring said SALE item to the counter.
• Pick a crunchy fortune cookie and open it.
• Inside is your ticket to an EXTRA 10% - 30% OFF.
• Eat cookie (do not eat fortune)!
• Leave feeling stylish and smug for saving money.
• All Good Fortune sales are final so choose wisely!

The event runs for about two weeks (it started on August 24th) and new items are randomly added to the rack. So, swing in more than once and try your luck. Happy to see you soon!

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