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Japantown is Jumping! Saturday, August 17th

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, this Saturday is for you as Seattle’s Nihonmachi presents a Super Sale and our annual summer block party, Hai! Japantown. 

First up: the All Things Japanese Sale. If you love Japanese art, collectibles, antiques (and more!) this is the opportunity for you. Hosted by the Japanese Cultural Community Center, income generated from the sale will go towards supporting the JCCC mission of preserving and promoting Japanese culture.

All Things Japanese Sale
Japanese Cultural Community Center
Saturday, August 17 from 10:00 - 4:00
1414 South Weller Street

The event is free, but if you want a sneak peek, there is a pay-for-preview sale on August 16th: $20 for members, $30 for non-members is you register online before August 12th. Admission goes up $10 after that date so sign up today!

Then the fun really heats up with Hai! Japantown, a neighborhood-wide event that provides an opportunity to experience a vast array of Japanese cultural activities ranging from paper lantern painting to live music and storytelling. 

Hai! Japantown
Saturday, August 17 from 3:00 - 7:00
Japantown Seattle

Here’s the Hai! lowdown for Momo so you can come visit us specifically ... you’re our friend so we’re sharing first:

Kokoro’s Kid’s Korner with Toni Yuly

3:00 – 5:00 pm
600 S Jackson St 
Lovable local librarian turned children’s book artist/author Toni Yuly, teaches the craft of torn tissue art in this make-your-own event. She’ll also share her beloved board books, as well as her latest creations “Thank You, Bees” and “The Whole Wide World and Me.”

Momo Haiku You and Limited Lucky Bags
3:00 – 7:00 pm
600 S Jackson St 
Please the poet within you, as you’re challenged to arrange our fun Haikubes into eloquent haiku. Post your piece on Facebook and we’ll vote for the next Momo Haiku Laureate.  While you’re in the shop, check out our Fukubukuro Mystery Bags filled with goodies, limited quantities available for $5 or $10, cash please. 

And there’s more fun, take a peek at everything else that’s going on in the ’hood:

DaDaDa Gallery Summer Surplus Sale
Noon – 6:00 pm
513 S Main St
Save 40% - 80% off the original price of past season and overstock items for men and women from Maiden Noir and Blk Pine Workshop. Check DaDaDa Gallery’s Facebook for more details as the event nears. 

BONFIRE Gallery: “Magic Box”
Noon – 7:00 pm
605 S Main St
A collaborative installation of painting and poetry by David Thornbrugh, Joan Laage, and Katrina Wolfe

KOBO at Higo Mako & Munjuru Okinawa Ensemble
3:00 – 4:00 pm
602 S Jackson St
Wearing beautifully tailored kimonos, Mako & Munjuru spread Okinawan music through playing traditional instruments, the sanshin and taiko. These songs not only preserve the sound of Okinawan music, they also share stories of love, family and heritage. According to Mako, playing the music of her ancestors helps her feel a connection to her roots and the people who have come before her. 

KOBO at Higo Kid’s Corner: Japantown Style
Yo-Yo Water Balloon Fishing Game and Art Activities
3:00 – 5:00 pm
604 S Jackson St
Join local artists and try your hand at a number of traditional games and crafts. Win a prize during Yo-Yo Fishing, a favorite summer fest game where you fish for floating balloons with a paper string. 

Honoring Amy Nikaitani in Nihonmachi Alley
3:00 – 5:00 pm - Exhibit at KOBO at Higo
5:00 – Brief Presentation in Nihonmachi Alley
Between 6th Ave S and Maynard Ave S on the north side of S Jackson St
Last year’s celebration unveiled the Japantown murals by Amy Nikaitani. This year will honor her memory, as the local Japanese American artist passed away in the spring. Daughter Tamiko of Arizona will represent the family. An edited display of her works will be on view at KOBO at Higo.

Chill in Chiyo’s Garden Party
3:00 – 7:00 pm
In alley on north side of S Jackson St, between 6
th Ave S and Maynard Ave S
Kaname Izakaya presents an outdoor summer 21+ lounge with DJ Maile Lono (aka DJ Maui NKO) from KBCS and live music from the upbeat, Jawaiian inspired group, Island Bound. Sit under the skies and relax in this special space as you enjoy tunes and light bites, beer and sake as well as other ongoing experiences and events, including:
  • The Wing Marketplace and other local vendors
  • The starting point of “Suitcases Project” Butoh dancing (details below)
  • Artwork and acknowledgment of community artist Erin Shigaki 
  • Arrangements of NW Ikebana Club, presented by DaDaDa Gallery 
  • Art activity with Erin Shigaki and Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project
  • Nashi (Japanese pear) picking, right from the tree, plus we’re cooking up a pot of nashi-sauce on the spot
Kobe Terrace Paper Lantern Painting
3:00 – 7:00 pm
In front of Kaname, 610 S Jackson St
Embellish a paper lantern with your own inspiration, guided by our friends from Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda). When we’ve gathered enough, we’ll hike up to Kobe Terrace Stone Lantern at 6:30pm to hang them amidst the trees. 

KOBO at Higo Wear Your Summer Yukata!
3:00 – 7:00 pm
602 S Jackson St
Come down and wear your favorite Yukata and Obi and celebrate Hai! Japantown. We’ll have helpers standing by to help dress you at KOBO at Higo.

Trichome’s “High! Japantown!”
3:00 – 7:00 pm
618 S Jackson St
The legalized lifestyle boutique mixes up caffeine and CBDwith music to sip by in this 21+ event.

KOBO at Higo Storytelling
4:00 pm
602 S Jackson St
Gather ’round for traditional Japanese folk tales with Yumiko Sorenson. 

Japanese American Remembrance Trail Tour 
4:00 pm | 60 - 90 minutes
Starts in Nihonmachi Alley on north side of S Jackson St, between 6th Ave S and Maynard Ave S
The Wing Luke Museum, partnered with the National Park Service, hosts an educational urban hike through the original Japantown, starting at Nihonmachi Alley and Chiyo’s Garden. Comfortable walking shoes are advised. Limited space available; registration required. For more information, visit 

Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee: “Ménage a Trois in Dream Time”
4:00, 5:00 & 6:00 pm | 30 - 40 minute performances 
605 S Main St
The historic photos of the Panama come alive with this dramatic reenactment created by Butoh artists Aoi Lee, Alan Sutherland and Shoko Zama, accompanied by local musician, Paul Kikuchi. Dressed in the heyday of 1930’s Japantown, the ghosts from the past emerge from the black and white pictures to dance with antique clocks and memories, against a musical backdrop. 

BONFIRE Gallery Presents “Suitcases Project”
4:30 pm
Starts in Chiyo’s Garden in alley on north side of S Jackson St, between 6th Ave S and Maynard Ave S
Six Butoh dancers, lead by Seattle-based director Joan Laage, present a moving piece reflecting the 1942 walk to King Street Station, literally moving through the streets of modern-day Nihonmachi. Inspired by the relocation of countless Japanese citizens during World War II and performed by Joan Laage, Camille Hildebrandt, David Noble, Kaoru Okumura, Stephen Passero and Helen Thorsen. 

Pioneer Barber x Vera Project: Emma Lee Toyoda
5:00 & 6:00 pm 
314 6th Ave S
Support for life’s challenges is the mission of indie artist Emma Lee Toyoda. Feel the love while you listen to their music in the cool comfort of this old-style barbershop.

Live Music from Island Bound
5:30 – 6:00 pm and 6:30 – 7:00 pmChiyo’s Garden in alley on north side of S Jackson St, between 6th Ave S and Maynard Ave S Transport yourself to sunshine and sandy beaches with the Hawaiian Island reggae of Island Bound. 

Summer Cinema with SAAFF Entertainment and Screening of “Mirai”
7:30 pm
Hing Hay Park at 6th Ave S and S King St 
Taiko drummers, a magician/hypnotist, and Seattle Asian Art Museum activities take center stage, followed by a recent Japanese animated film written/directed by Mamoru Hosoda and produced by Studio Chizu. A young boy encounters a magical garden enabling him to time travel and meet relatives from different eras, guided by his younger sister from the future. Film starts at dusk (approximately 8:30 pm). 

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