Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chemical Attraction

Where the heck is Boulevard Park? An unknown neighborhood of Seattle, it’s on our radar as the workshop location of our favorite husband+wife bagsmiths, Chemical Wedding (chemical-wedding.blogspot.com). Last week, Tracy (the She) came through our door laden with bags, all custom-made for Momo. We’ve carried the satchels since we opened 2-1/2 years ago, and they keep getting lovelier with each order (both the bags and Tracy+Jon). Meticulously made of post-industrial scrap leather — some beautifully burnished by hand — wood and/or hand-forged findings, you can be pretty sure that every one one is unique. At Momo, we feel fortunate to be able to carry such special creations ... and we’re always happy to share.

[Chemical Wedding bags, $125 - $337]

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  1. Wow, really like these bags! And I was very pleased to have met you both today. Thank you for the warm welcome to the neighborhood. I look forward to talking shop (apparel) with you in the future. Malc