Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Local Less Than $40

With the rain and recession, we Seattleites are literally staying closer to home and shopping has become very selective. It’s all about affordable local, and yes, gathering goods from the community does save on shipping as well as stimulate the regional economy, plus I get to meet a passel of wonderful folk. So, being the girl who goes wit da flow, I thought I’s share pics of qualified gift-worthy goodies in the shop. I know I missed more than a handful, so maybe you want to stop by and unearth a few discoveries for yourself. Thank you for making it Loco Moco!

Dinah Coops Tea Towels
Kokoro from Toni Yuly
Lauren Burman’s Little Shirleys
Dinah Coops Tableware
Kimono Kool Shoelaces
Wish Necklace from Lindsay Marsh

Laura Castellanos
Sock it to Me
More Kimono Kool and Umbo
Moufelt from Portland
BF Woo + Co Soap + Candles
Sockseeds from Tomoko
Una Arm Cozies
Thea Starr Kanzashi
Wraptillion from Kelly Jones
Our own Amanda’s felted ornaments

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