Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Posts: Fresh Sheet

Here’s a collection of bygone entries from interesting products that have passed through Momo. Some we love and always want around, like Tuesday Scarves and Baggu bags. Others were lovely to look upon and are now in the hands of appreciative customers.
Hapa hottie, Rian.
What goes ’round and ’round an always keeps you cozy? A stylish Infinity scarf from Tuesday Scarves. Super-soft and hand-sewn by local lovely Rian, we’re lucky to be able to share them in a gazillion colors. Rian sources and utilizes end pieces of fabric, coming up with fresh ideas for new styles, always keeping us guessing as to what we’ll see from her next. Right now we have the Infinity Trio, swaths of jersey in colors of your choice to be worn in threes, $13 each, and flannel collars (great for the guys, too), $39.   

Fresh stripes

Big, bad Baggu

Put it in your trunk!
Glad Bags: Leland’s been chiding me about being ‘pouch happy’ and he’s right — the charming, utilitarian bags of Baggu make me feel good, like I’m getting organized (finally)! Made of lightweight nylon, they can be put to work toting your stuff around the block or across the world. This week we received three styles: the Set of Stripes two zip pouches for smaller shoes and such (blue/white thin stripe and bold blue/blue, 12 x 10 inches, $13), Leland’s pick, The Big Baggu that can hold three bags of groceries and comes with its own zippy pouch ($15) and the XL Elephant zip pouch for boots, swimsuits or tees (16 x 12 inches, $8).

To each her own: A box load of Girlbands has arrived at Momo and we’re having fun with the multitude of choices. Zelda opted for a rusty red variation while Leslie demonstrates her pick of black eyelet and Jessica tames her tresses in a be-ribboned Betsey Johnson-esque style. In another happy/sad story, GB creator Carolyn is moving on and will not be producing the versatile hair accessory, hence our stocking up ... so jump on the Girlband wagon while you can. Good luck, Carolyn!

We love French dressing, especially comfy, kawaii Cop-Copine Paris. Lines are distinctive and colors neutral. This makes their clothing especially versatile, plus the materials travel well and the fit is undeniably flattering.

Parallel Thinking: There are certain personalities who take delight in stripes and Momo is one of them. Perhaps it’s the harmonious continuity that we find so pleasing. Or maybe stripes are a bold statement, looking fresh no matter what the incarnation, in this case a Metalicus one-size-fits-most (yes, we said it) tank dress for $109.

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