Monday, March 21, 2011

Test Drive Jaipur Avenue

Delicious Jaipur Avenue, new and now at Momo.
Lately I’ve desired to take a break from the usual double-short-2% latte, and along comes entrepreneurial Seattleite Jillu Zaveri with delicious chai options. Which do I love best? The Cardamom or Masala? Saffron or Ginger? And I’m dreaming of Vanilla for summer iced-tea times. Just add water and the gratification is instant: smooth and slightly spicy sweet, the flavors of Jaipur Avenue could easily become my new addiction. The ingredient list is short and simple and a box of 15 packets sells for $15 — that’s just a buck apiece for a lovely chai tea break. The award-winning graphics make it an attractive gift, too. Thank you to food aficionado Ivy Chan of Cocoa Chai Chocolates for making the introduction.

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