Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Good Scarf is a Good Friend

It’s that time of year again — scarf season is upon us and new scarves have been flooding into Momo. We have an enticing array of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, ranging from affordable acrylic  to lovely linens and cozy cashmere.

Our favorite acrylic is the multipurpose Vivi button sweater-scarf. Not only is it perfect for folks with wool/cashmere sensitivities, it’s also the most versatile accessory imaginable. It can be worn as a halter (in two ways), a long-sleeved shrug, a vest, a poncho, a scarf ... whatever strikes your fancy.

Always a classic, Momo has a fresh batch of St. James “Pucker” scarves. We love the distinctive texture, as well as the ease of use (simply pull one end through the opening on the other end).

A rainbow of St. James from France.
Unique “Pucker’ scarf.

Some folks are still operating under the notion that linen is a textile that is limited to summer wear. We at Momo won’t say that they’re wrong ... but they’re wrong! Linen is one of the most durable fibers on earth (literally). Our Fog Linen scarves from Japan are thickly woven, elegant and warm. Available in solids, stripes or checks.

Fog Linen from Japan. 

Thick, shimmering linen is both elegant and comfortable.

Cashmere is, of course, the winter classic. Soft and toasty, timeless cashmere will always fend off the chill of a winter day. Momo’s new cashmere features a palette of soft greys, blues and taupes — perfect for men and women alike.

Soft-as-a-cloud cashmere.

A great scarf, like a great coat, is invaluable in the cool Pacific Northwest winter — both you'll wear every day. Why not ensure that you’ll stay warm while looking good? Come visit our scarves and find your neck’s new best friend!

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