Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Repurposed with a Purpose

“Repurposing” and “up-cycling” are becoming an ever-increasing theme in many independent designers’ work these days. A rising concern for reducing waste, taking a step back from being a throw-away society and an appreciation for the beauty an object acquires over time — all of these are merging to create a new approach to design.

One of our favorite re-purposers is Chemical Wedding. Jon and Tracy use a combination of new and recycled leathers, factory seconds and post-industrial scrap to construct handbags that are gorgeous, unique, durable and functional. Momo-girl Angela has the “Devon” cross-body bag and she can say, with zero hesitation, that is the most intelligently designed purse she has ever owned.

New to Momo is designer Katherine Ragghianti from Poulsbo. Katherine’s bags are constructed from up-cycled Japanese fabrics that started out life as kimonos, yukatas and obis, with some hand-painted silks and lamb suede added for good measure. We love the juxtaposition of traditional textiles with more contemporary styles.

Both the Katherine and Chemical Wedding messenger bag have adjustable straps.
Here are two takes on the classic messenger bag. in the left is a Katherine bag made of kimono, obi and yukata fabric, with a lamb suede back. On the right is “Reiko” by Chemical Wedding. Both have adjustable straps and can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag.

Unique and wonderfully diverse versions of the classic shoulder bag. 
The “Dian” shoulder bag features inset diamonds of slate blue and grey leather and a line of eye-catching whipstitching. Katherine’s hand-painted silk take on the same style is lined with the sweetest red and white polka-dot fabric.

Tiny and Tote! The wee little Chemical Wedding “Kiko” has a long strap for cross-body versatility with the petite build and weight of a wallet. Katherine’s roomy tote offers lots of space to store your essentials without a lot of weight. Delicate yukata fabric gives this highly practical tote an elegant look.

Wallet-purse and spacious tote — both ends of the spectrum!

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