Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Winterize Your Wardrobe

With the seemingly sudden arrival of fall (wasn't it 80 degrees last week?) Mother Nature has informed us that months of chill and rain are ahead of us. 

The good news is that we at Momo have been working hard, unpacking delivery after delivery of fall and winter clothing ... including jackets galore!

For those especially wet days, we have:

Men – the “Rudy Full” jacket made by Bench, headquartered in Manchester, England. A perfect outer layer, it features extreme water-resistance (even down to having sealed seams).

“Rudy Full” is ultra water-resistant.

Sealed Seams! They thought of everything.

Women – Vancouver, BC’s Three Stones’ “Getaway” jacket does double-duty. Constructed of water-shedding high-tech fabric, it’s designed with a hood and cinched back belt, so it will repel the drizzle while looking shapely.

A rain jacket with femininity!

The adjustable cinch in the back is a great detail.

If feeling warm and cozy is more your focus,
check out:

Men – Our Bridge & Burn “Harden” jacket is constructed of thickly quilted, densely woven cotton. The Portland brand is known for modernizing classic designs like this one with its slim-fit tailoring. Available in black and khaki. 

Thick + quilted + zips up to the neck = toasty.

Women –  Curator’s “Seaclif” jacket from San Francisco is a revelation. Incredibly plush, it feels like a cozy sweatshirt while looking like a million bucks. We love the giant zipped cowl.

“Seaclif:” all the comforts of a sweatshirt with none of the dumpiness. 

Staying warm and dry does not mean you have to sacrifice style! Come to Momo where we’ll show you how good you can look while feeling comfortable in the coming months.

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