Friday, March 13, 2015

Rain, Rain Went Away (and Now it’s Coming Back to Stay)

“Into each life some rain must fall.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As difficult as it is to imagine while we are basking in this luxurious and unexpected sunshine, rain is on its way back. Luckily, Momo has got you covered. Fresh from the rain(ier) Canadian North:

20 years ago, artist Alice Oldland was painting whimsical farmyard animals. Husband John thought it would be fun to print them onto aprons. They were wildly successful – thus Hatley was born. Now run by their three sons, Hatley is proud to have many of their goods produced in textile-centric Tirupur, India where they support and fund the Open Door Mercy Home orphanage.

The Field Rain Jacket has sealed seams, deep pockets and a relaxed fit perfect for layering. We love their linings: black and white stripes for the classic black and whimsical wee elephants hiding inside of the purple jacket. 

Field Rain Jacket in black. 
Fantastic elephant lining! 

Momo has the Classic Jacket in two colors. “Indian Floral” is an elegant blue-on-blue and the  red/blue polka dot jacket is an adult take on a playful pattern. The Classic raincoat features adorable over-sized buttons and a removable hood.

We are sad to say that this is the last that we will see of Hatley’s raincoats, as they will no longer be producing them! Get one while you can ...

It was the 1920s in Toronto, Ontario. Isadore Flander was working as a door-to-door umbrella repair man, slowly building a successful business. Successful enough, in fact, that in 1935 he and his family moved to Vancouver, BC and founded the Umbrella Shop. Now run by his granddaughter Corry, it is thought that the Flander’s umbrella factory is the last in North America.

Vancouver receives far more rain than Seattle (62.5 inches vs. 37.41). It makes sense that an umbrella company would thrive there and that they would make a truly high-quality, durable product. Momo has a fresh batch of umbies to choose from in a ton of different colors and patterns, some of which include:

Super-compact skinny mini weighs only 138 grams and will easily fit into a purse or coat pocket.

Show your MLS Sounders love with a sporty soccer ball handle!

Two fold umbrellas with acrylic or wood handles and a leather carrying strap. Oil tempered, with steel ribs for extra strength. Collapsible and small, this will tuck right into your messenger bag or large purse.

A Van Gogh print is one of many colorways on hand.

Longfellow is right about rain falling ... so stick with us and we’ll keep you dry in style.

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