Monday, June 15, 2015

Father’s Day Wishes to the Men of Momo

As I look into the face of my father embracing my sister and me, I realize (now that I am well past his age in this photo) that he was so very young. And, that as he taught us, he too was learning how to be the man he would become. Thank you, Daddy, for making life seem easy.

And mahalo to all our Momo fathers, as well. We appreciate when you come ’round to buy your favorite person a thoughtful gift, ask for an opinion on a shirt for yourself, or just sit patiently in the ‘man chair’ at the window. Enjoy your day, you deserve it.


Loads o’ Japanese tees have arrived just in time for Dad’s Day. At left, Mr. Momo models the Nagomi, a take on kimono styling in the ease of slub cotton jersey (we added the tenugui scarf). Available in khaki/deep teal piping, black/grey piping or deep teal/grey piping; $60. At right, a hefty cotton serving of sushi, only a few left, but other designs are available; $32.

Have a drink with dad, stirred up by Murray, Seattle’s favorite mixologist. Lucky us, he is guest bartending at Kaname, just two doors up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the next few months. Find out why he’s fondly referred to as ‘the bartender’s bartender.’ Cheers!

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