Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sterling Silver Seals of Approval

What do you get when a passion for antique wax seals collides with a love of metalsmithing? History and symbolism expressed in beautifully crafted jewelry. We are delighted to introduce brand-new-for-Momo jewelry: Plum & Posey.

After spending a decade exploring Europe and its plentiful street markets, fairs and antique shops, Canadian Adrinna Hardy developed an abiding appreciation for Georgian and Victorian era wax seals. She also found herself with a huge collection of them — over a thousand, in fact. In a brilliant move, Adrinna melded her fervor for stamps with her skills as a silversmith and birthed her distinctive jewelry.

Per Ardua Ad Alta: “Through Difficulties to the Heights.”
Each piece “celebrates the exceptional craftsmanship of the past and the deep and complex meanings of the seals,” says the artist of her creations, “while incorporating themes such as hope, courage, strength and inspiration.”

As for us, we love the intimate expressions, each unique in shape and suitable for a man or woman. Cast in pure silver and suspended from an antiqued sterling rolo chain, these intricate pendants are a lovely way to express a personal inner theme — yours or a lucky recipient’s!

Made from a 19th century French wax seal,
the peacock symbolizes beauty, knowledge and power. 
Vous En Avez la Clef: “You Have the Key.”

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  1. I love these. So classic, I could wear these for a lifetime.