Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beyond Summer

Ah, linen. Woven into its flaxen fibers is the memory of sun-washed days, cool breezes and life without a wrinkle. Come summer’s end, many of us say goodbye to our linen garments, folding them away until spring springs again.

But there’s so much more to this ancient fabric that makes it wearable year ’round. In milder climates, such as Seattle, fashionable sorts look to linen for casual ease, durability and to add elegant and interesting texture to our layers of clothing. With its smooth, silken quality, linen resists stains, and is easy to clean. Anti-static and quick to warm up, it’s also ideal for days when the weather turns cold and dry. Plus, production of linen is sustainable, making it popular in this eco-chic Pacific Northwest.

A recent convert to living in linen, Momo Mama Lei Ann is tireless in her pursuit of unique, beautifully-crafted examples. And her treasure hunting has paid off in Lithuanian designer Blue Naive’s handmade-to-order simple-yet-flattering shift styles, stitched up in sumptuous linen. We’re especially tickled with the ever-practical deep front pockets featured on both of these new arrivals.

Luxurious linen “Little Summer Dress” direct from Lithuania.

“Deep Summer” linen half-sleeved shift. 
Come down and try one of these sweet frocks on — we’re sure that you will adore them as we do. And, we’ll share tips on how to utilize layering to wear them into fall and beyond ... making sure it is a long and happy love affair.

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