Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Season-spanning Kurti

Dolma kurti tunic in Orient Red with black accents. 
Derived from the Persian language, the word “kurta” (or kurti, when worn by women), means ‘a collarless shirt.’ Originally from India, the simple cotton top was always a staple garment of the country’s peasant class. But international designers caught on to the stylish comfort and flattering silhouette, creating kurti for movie stars and runway models, elevating the humble tunic to aspirational attire.

Today this classic has come to represent easy elegance — and in our opinion, ideal ‘transitional’ clothing. Floaty lightweight cotton is perfect for the remaining hot days of summer, while the loose fit and long sleeves make it an excellent piece for layering when the weather cools. Pair with lightweight cotton capris for the hot days, or a cami, jeans and an over-sized cozy cardigan for the coming chill of fall. 

At Momo, we offer a number of affordable kurti under $60: three from Dolma Handicrafts, hand-made, ethical and sustainable 100% cotton printed with bold, ethnic-flavored patterns. And one from New York’s Meg Cohen, also pure cotton, with a dramatic marbleized pattern in shades of navy, dark mauve and slate blue.

Detail of our Dolma Blue Leaf motif.
We love Dolma’s take on a traditional Japanese pattern.

Ever tasteful Meg Cohen's more subdued kurti.
Detail of the lush marbleized fabric.
Season-spanning clothing is an essential in Seattle, where spring flows into summer into fall, often gently and over a long period of time. Kurti tunics will add a touch of polish to your ‘Seattle practical’ wardrobe, starting today and well into tomorrow.

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