Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mobile Dressing Room: Built with Feathrr

Awhile ago I.D. neighbor Kenny popped into Momo to share his idea for an app, ‘Feathrr,’ a virtual dressing room where shoppers could ‘try on’ outfits on their mobile devices — like playing with a paper doll. Yeah, yeah, I thought to myself, another social media chore. Kenny continued to bounce in with reports on incremental progress, asking if he could photograph our inventory, blah blah blah. I would nod and wave, busy with a customer or rearranging merchandise.

Then one day he showed me the images he and his partner, Julie, took of all our Momo clothing. Nice job! And then he showed me how it all came together — what fun! Now I’m a Feathrr fan, and I’m here to share.

>> Go to
>> Click on ‘A Closer Look at This Outfit’
>> Swipe away! The app totals the cost of the entire outfit, too
>> No e-commerce as of yet, so if you’re truly keen on an item, click on More Actions and email Momo, we’re here for you
>> Cute shoes courtesy of Clementine Shoes in Pioneer Square, give them a call if you see anything you crave: 206.935.9400

If you’re interested in learning more about Feathrr, check out their website:

Happy shopping!

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