Thursday, November 19, 2015

Count the Ways to Count Your Days

As incredible as it is to contemplate, we are nearing the end of 2015.

Now, we know that everyone has calendars on their personal devices — computers, Smart phones, Google Glass (hahaha)...but there is much to be said for a lovely, old-school calendar. Momo currently has three unique and attractive options for you to choose from, two from local designers and the third from Japan.

In 2005, Ilee Papergoods designer Ja Teuber made her first ready-made product: her hand-printed month-by-month calendar. It was such a success that she continues to make these to this day. The attention to detail, beautiful prints and local/handmade appeal has made this a very popular gift — some fans make a tradition of buying one every year.

Another fun, compact calendar is “Type Riot,” designed and produced by Paper Hammer Studios (you can visit their shop on Second Avenue). Established by the delightful Ed Marquand, Paper Hammer set out to revitalize Tieton, located on the far western edge of the Yakima Valley. Today, a collective of businesses called Mighty Tieton has awakened this tiny town by connecting creative urban professionals with studio and production space, unused buildings and local production resources.

Perfect for your graphic designer or font-geek friend, this one also comes with a storage/display case.

Last but not least, another holiday gift favorite: linen tea towel calendars from Tokyo’s Fog Linen Work. How often does one encounter an item that is both completely practical and utterly whimsical? Not very, which is one of the reasons we adore these. Choose from DIY birds, cats in windows and a plethora of pears. Whatever your preference, mark your calendars for a stylish way to welcome the new year.

All, made of fine Lithuanian linen.

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