Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Baby Bibs, Bowls + Beads

From the creator of our baby kimono comes a delightful new feeding-time accoutrement: the bib! Momo is delighted to introduce this sweet offering from local designer Plastic Pony. Made from kawaii Japanese cotton, it’s designed to stay put with an adjustable snap closure, so little Hector can’t yank it off during dinner.

Buddha was kind enough to model a bib for us.
We love the charming Japanese fabrics of our new bibs!

Speaking of meal time, look what just touched down for the table — adore-a-bowls.  The perfect size for rice (of course), morning cereal or evening ice cream. Adult supervision is advised if using these for baby as they are breakable!

Petite “Scandinasian” bowls.
Wee spoons by local glass artist Elles Beads. 
Every good bowl deserves a spoon ... Bon Appetit!

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