Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ramen Time

For some, the word “ramen” conjures images of poor college students slurping additive-laden noodles in their dorm rooms, but ramen is so much more than that. Ramen has a long and storied history. Believed to be Chinese in origin, it became a popular noodle dish in Japan in the early 1900s. Disruptions to food supplies during WWII created an underground “black market” ramen business – you could be arrested if you were caught selling ramen without specific permission! The omnipresent instant ramen was not invented until 1958 and was considered something of a luxury food until the ’70s (later, in the US).

In celebration of this perfect comfort food, we are featuring an array of ramen-themed delights one might find here at Momo.

Colorful ramen bowls by Danica are large enough
for even the most decadent bowl of noodles. 

Wonderfully talented local designer Stasia Burrington’s
“Ramen Girl” pins are beyond adorable. 

100% cotton kitchen towels feature
12 different doodles of delectable ramen bowls.

The eternally popular Ramen Shark tee from SumoFish.

Wear your ramen on something other than your shirt!
Ramen tabbisocks to keep your tootsies warm.

No blog post about food would be complete without some dining suggestions! Here are some of our favorite places you can find ramen right here in the International District:

•As much as we refrain from cluing people in to our secret den of deliciousness, we can't help ourselves. Tsukushinbo serves ramen as their lunch special on Fridays. Their broth simmers for days before being deemed worthy.
Fu Lins China-meets-Japan offering is affordable and hearty! Definitely add a side of gyoza.
•Next door neighbor Kaname specializes in two types of ramen: shio and miso tonkatsu. Pair with a cocktail made by Momo's very own Leland for a terrific dinner.
Samurai Noodles is a neighborhood go-to. Added bonus: there are a variety of add-ons you can request for your soup.

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